Pearl 15: “Blessed be God for everything.”




Dios sea bandito por todo.”


Letter No. 15 was addressed to Fr. Joaquin Perez Pando, OP, a good friend. In the paragraph where this phrase was found, she talked about the suffering she had to undergo in a certain foundation. The footnotes point to it being the foundation at Tolosa. She said that “what happened to me has never happened to any other person nor has anything like that been written about before.” We can imagine what she went through. Then she ended with “Blessed be God for everything.”


Antonio Grau: Blessed be God for everything, for the good moments that I enjoy and where I laugh out loud and also for the bad moments where my heart breaks and tears express my pain…Blessed be God who touches my pain and heals it. Blessed be God for everything that he gives us…for the gift of life that continues in every morning, for the opportunity of each day.



$·        It is easy to bless God in happy occasions, and difficult to bless Him when sufferings come. But is gratitude and blessing God for the good things a habit in me? Or one I have to develop?

 ·  In what manner can blessing God for everything…. rain, shine, lights and shadows be exercised? What kind of sight and consciousness do I need to have, to see the finger of God in my life, in everything?