Pearl 16: “God is with us and defends us.”


               “ Dios esta con nosotras y nos defiende.”

We are still in Letter No. 15. Mo. Foundress tells Fr. Joaquin Perez Pando, OP, that she was having great difficulty with the foundation….but that God was with her and defended her. She said that she could endure trials, and it does not matter. She does not lose heart, because the Almighty strengthens her to fight and win.

For his reflection, Antonio Grau relates this story:

They say that a mountaineer, desperate to conquer Aconcagua (almost 7000 meters high, and mostly covered in snow) began his journey after many years of preparation. But he wanted glory for himself, so he undertook the adventure without partners.

He began to climb and the found that it was getting late….. Far from preparing to camp, he kept climbing, determined to reach the top. It didn’t take long for it to get dark. The night fell heavily at the height of the mountain and you could not see anything at all. Everything was black, there was no visibility, there was no moon and the stars were covered by clouds. 

It was then that, only a hundred meters from the top, he slipped and collapsed into the void through the air. He was falling at breakneck speed, and all he could see were darker spots passing in the same darkness. And all he could feel was the terrible sensation of being sucked in by gravity. He kept falling ... And in those anguishing moments, all the memories of his life, the pleasant ones and the not so pleasant ones, passed through his mind. He thought he was going to die ....

However, suddenly, he felt a very strong pull that almost broke him in two. Like any experienced mountaineer, he had nailed security stakes with padlocks to a very long rope that tied him around the waist.

In those moments of stillness, suspended in the air, he could not help but shout –“Help me, my God.” And suddenly, the unexpected happened. A grave and deep voice arose from the heavens to answer him: “What do you want me to do, my son?” “Save me. Oh my God!” “Do you really think that I can save you?” “Of course.”

There was a moment of silence and stillness. And the voice said, “So, cut the rope that supports you.” There was a moment of silence and stillness. The man clung to the rope more and reflected ...

It is said that the rescue team that went to look for him was surprised to find him hanging, frozen, dead, his hands holding tightly to a rope, just two meters from the ground.

God is always with us. He cares for us and loves us….and we have to recognize this and trust in Him.


·        Many times we are like the mountaineer aren’t we? When are the instances when we relied on our own resources, only to fail?

     When are the times that, after having tried everything, we prayed, asked for His help and let go? What was the experience of God’s triumph and success in our lives?

·         To trust the Lord is not easy. But how have we been walking   this journey step by step? Where are we now in the area of   trust?

·      In what instances has God proven to be the Faithful One, the   Trustworthy One in our experiences in life?