FI-El Salvador Educational Support Program for Ulaliman Youth


     Things may never go back to normal , you may need to create a new normal and this is it now. Everyone is affected, rich and poor alike, but the challenge falls more on the poor who have no access to online learning.





This program is for the children of BEC families who are studying in public schools. In many of our sharing during BEC sessions, Mothers always expressed their difficulty in the new normal program of the public schools here in El Salvador city. They cannot help their children with their modules because they themselves are unschooled. With all their feelings and insecurities, the sisters in the house tried to discuss and discern on these matters and thought of helping the parents by guiding their children in their modular lessons. Shooting two birds with one stone, the Hijas de Jesus finally decided to venture into another new normal program in their apostolate; guiding the youth in their modules and starting to organize them as youth of St. Candida.

The objectives of the program are answers to the appeals of parents from Zone 2 and 4; bringing to the awareness of the youth the effects of Pandemic at present; and help the youth in their modules.

This program will also help make the youth acquire certain values and skills that can make them responsible and well balanced Christian citizens especially in their communities. The Educational Support Program will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday only and only twenty students can be admitted to the program with mostly children of BEC families. The four sisters serve as guide in the modular classes for Grade 7 to 10 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some youth volunteers also help in the spiritual formation of the youth. Those who volunteered are also young people who are experienced in parish youth group. In November the youth will have their first formation seminar to be given by a youth volunteer , who once worked in the Diocesan youth commission in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro. Parents expressed their gratitude with this program which is trying to make work lesser for them. Their children are also happy that they finish the modules within a week.


"The only reason for the importance we give to the field of education is the hope for a new humanity, for another possible world"
-Pope Francis