Pearl 17: “May it please God to keep you in good health.”

Pearl 17


                 “Dios quiere que estén todas bien.”


Letter No. 18, written in 1891, is addressed to four sisters. It’s a very short letter, written in the context of the economic difficulties and even real penury experienced by the Congregation in the early years of its existence. In one sentence Mother Foundress writes, “I received Sr. Martina’s letter and I see that you are rather hard up.” So similar to the times we live in.

For his reflection, Antonio Grau has this to say: Our life cannot have any mirror other than that of Jesus of Nazareth. And from that prism, we try to get closer to that way of life. We discover that the closer we are to that way of understanding life, the happier we are, even if our pockets are “in crisis”, because, as Begoňa says, "Even if you can't see the road far ahead, you can always take a few steps at a time. {paraphrase mine}



$·      A favorite expression of ours today is the “new normal.” Where do we put the emphasis? On the new or on the normal?   Don’t we all wish that this pandemic will pass soon so that we can go back to life the way we knew it?

·    But could we give ourselves the opportunity to look at life through a new prism, thinking that things may never get back to the way they were, but there is always an invitation to live life more simply, more austerely, centered on who and what are truly essential – and perhaps in the poverty of these times, we can truly carve out a space for the Lord and ourselves, which is our true source of wealth and stability?