F.I. Youth Ministry Team Meeting



      For some people, Saturday is a time for general cleaning, washing of clothes, fixing things in the house, etc., but, for the Youth Ministry Team, this Saturday was a chance to gather thru google meet to discuss and plan activities for our Youth during this time of pandemic.


  The team was represented by different schools: from Manresa School - Sr. Alma Mae Zarriz, FI., Ms. Imelda Solivet, and Ms. Krishna Gregorios; Colegio de la Inmaculada Conception - Sr. Erna Biyo, FI.; Stella Maris Academy- Ms. Flordelette Sison, and Mr. Jouard Tasic. 


This New Normal set-up will not hinder the Youth of St. Candida to MOVE,  BE MOVED, and BE MORE. The team was inspired to make plans for the National Youth Assembly (NYA) with the message of Pope Francis to the Youth last September 14, 2020 during a virtual Marian Pilgrimage as our guide. The Pope prays for young people as school year begins amid pandemic. Acknowledging the challenges that students face today, the Pope expressed his hope that the “reopening of the school year will be lived by all with a great sense of responsibility.” He also repeated his call for a “renewal of the educational pact” that places first and foremost “the healthy growth of young people”, which is a condition for a peaceful and prosperous future for all. 


With the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, the team encouraged one another to HOPE and DREAM that the NYA activities will happen and help our young people to see the beauty of the present situation and let them experience the love of God despite the hardships in life. May God be the center of their lives especially when difficulty comes along their way.