House of Concord



     February 1873, Casa de la Concordia-First school was opened at a new residence- the House of Concord.

There, Mother Foundress and her companions pronounced their first vows.



The main entrance of this historical building possessed a stone arch with the Latin inscription, "Ira odium generat. Concordia nutrit amorem " ("Ire begets hatred. Concord nourishes love.")

This Latin verse had been carved on the stones to commemorate an event that took place centuries ago. This building was the site where the opposing bands of the Enriquez and Manzano families, who held bloody battles in the city, came to an agreement.

The holy Agustinian Juan de Sahagun, patron saint of the city, succeeded in arranging their differences and quelling their hatred. Hence the name of the building: Casa de la Concordia - House of Concord. "Though I could not fully understand the Latin inscription, the word "concordia" found echo in my heart which was always at ease when peace and harmony reigned."  Mo. Candida - Wherever God May Call You.