Hijas Educators Rise up to the Commitment: Bravery, Truth, and Loyalty


      Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus, Cebu City, celebrated Educators' Day last October 28, 2020. Following is a Tribute to Educators. 



 Today, is a momentous event in the history of our school, as we have come together as one big family of St. Candida Maria de Jesus to pay tribute to all our educators – our faculty, staff, and maintenance personnel who have given their persons – their energy, time, and gifts to collaborate to the education of all young boys, girls, young men, and women, who have been entrusted to the caring embrace of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus. 


Last night while reflecting on the challenges that all educators like us are facing, most peculiarly in this time of pandemic, the lyrics of the soundtrack of the Disney’s movie: Mulan, vibrate with my thoughts and reflections. As part of the Imperial army, a soldier like Mulan has a mantra or pledge of honor in three big words: BRAVERY, TRUTH, and LOYALTY. Every good soldier will have to risk his life for the sake of this triple-edged pledge and not keeping them will result in loss of honor.

Deep in my thoughts and based on my experiences, encounters, and observations into the life and ethics of our teachers, staff, and maintenance personnel, I see that BRAVERY, TRUTH, and LOYALTY are inherent virtues that are professed in the life of a true educator, especially in this time of pandemic.

  1. BRAVERY – To be an educator is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of courage to commit oneself to the responsibility of educating the young whose fragile lives – present and future- are placed under our accountability. It takes insurmountable gallantry to persist in giving your all in our work as teachers, staff, or maintenance personnel, even if we know that accolades, appreciation, or recognition may not be always given. It is from noble generosity of heart to concede and be satisfied to have done one’s part and best in helping our learners have a comfortable and conducive learning environment, to have facilitated their queries, processed their transactions, or provided them with more than enough opportunities to maximize their gifts as persons, educating their humanity so that they too become bearers of the culture justice, peace, service for the common good, and solidarity with all of God’s creation. It is real bravery when we strive to become a pillar of strength and hope for our pupils and students who may be feeling weak and scared, even when we, ourselves, are struggling in facing our own battles.
  2. TRUTH - Even if a staff is just in an office nook troubleshooting the computer system, or a maintenance personnel is tending the garden, or a teacher choosing the best strategy to engage the students, all of them and all of us contribute to the kind of culture and climate in school. Our contributions, though minimal they may seem are undeniably important for the school to be consistent and truthful to it vision-mission, its unique trademark – the brand of the quality of integral Catholic Christian education that the school continues to offer. Our genuine dedication to our work maintains the quality of service we give to our clientele. The truth we proclaim is shown in our genuine service in the shared mission of integral Catholic Christian education that our school oofers.
  3. LOYALTY – We may have different roles but we serve the same school. Our loyalty to the school is defined by our fidelity and commitment to our shared mission. As we are riding the storm of this pandemic, we owe the school and each other deep loyalty, trust, and respect. We are all in this together. When loyalty is absent or questionable, we can pull each other down, and the very principle and charism on which this school stands for can collapse – FRATERNITY is expressed in our loyalty, that together, we can build each other, and in doing so we also edify our learners to become young men and women who can also build or rebuild a nation, or in the grandest scheme restore global humanity and fraternity. Our loyalty to the school can bring into fruition its vision of a just and humane society, where God is our Father and all of us are brothers and sisters.

I believe that we educators rise up to the honor of keeping our pledge to BRAVERY, TRUTH, and LOYALTY, with our willingness to go the extra mile and make the necessary sacrifices, all for the greater glory of God, and in fidelity to the spirit and charism of                    St. Candida Maria de Jesus. We bear in mind that we are armored by the loving grace of our heavenly Father who will never abandon us as we hurdle the battles to protect our pledge to honor our shared evangelizing mission to educate with BRAVERY, TRUTH, and LOYALTY.

From the depth of my heart, on behalf of all educators, we wish to thank the F.I. sisters, the SHS-HDJ Foundation, Parents and Alumni Association for making an extra special day that is meaningful for all of us educators in Sacred Heart School Hijas de Jesus.



Sacred Heart School –Hijas de Jesus