Pearl 18: “Carrying the cross that the Lord gave me as a gift.”



                 Llevando la cruz que el Señor me regala.”

Letter No. 19, written in May 1891, is addressed to her Dominican friend, Fr. Joaquin Perez Pando. She talks of the cross she has to carry, but sees it as a gift from the Lord. She also talked of being unable to answer his letter immediately but assures him that she does not forget him, and asks that he does not forget her, especially at Mass. This letter is a testimony of a long and beautiful friendship between them.

Antonia Grau speaks of Mother Candida and the cross, and her seeing something beyond the cross as simply a cross. There is love, expressed on a daily basis…She discovered the cross as something positive, as something to offer, or even to see it as a gift.

He goes on to say that in carrying the cross we get to recognize who we really are and to discover that in the hands of God things work out differently. [paraphrase is mine]


     A spiritual director once said that when faced with the cross, everyone stumbles. But then over time and gradually we learn to carry it…with patience, with great and sometimes even with humor.

     The journey of the saints has always been marked with the cross, and we know from the stories of Mo. Candida, that her crosses were not lacking.

·      Have you identified the cross that you carry? Not the self-made ones, but the real crosses that can transform and redeem?

·   The cross costs us much, and “dying” is always involved. What have you died to?

·   Beyond the cross is redemption…don’t forget that. Resurrection follows the cross. Have the crosses in your life led you to a transformative experience?