Pearl 19: “Give me a spark of that divine love ...

 1.Pearl 19

...let me do nothing that can offend You.”

“Dame una chispa de ese divino amor, y que no haga ninguna cosa que sea ofensa vuestra.”

     Letter No. 20, written in August 1891 and addressed to Antonia Robles, FI was done in tense circumstances. From the letter one can infer that the atmosphere seemed tense. One can infer a lack of communication on the part of the addresses, and some pressing matters that Mother Foundress had to explain. In spite of all these, she wished for a “spark of that divine love” as she looked forward to the feast day of the great St. Teresa of Avila, whose virtues she wanted to imitate, especially the great love she had for God.

     Antonio Grau, in the first paragraph of his reflection, cheekily states that the “spark of life is not Coca Cola….” The spark of life is love. And when your life gives off love, that is when it has a spark.

     He goes on to say that there are many ways to go about life, but that he would stick with Jesus, with the spark of love that sometimes has nothing to do with the romantic….But that same option is what sometimes makes him see how far away from Jesus he is… and he says, “that's when I have to find out what the direction is, take a breath and walk like those of Emmaus after their encounter with Jesus.”

And if we were to recall, the disciples of Emmaus walked back to Jerusalem.


A spark of divine love –

· Recall an instance when you have truly loved – gone out of yourself for the other, in spite of inconvenience, of not liking the other person, of adverse circumstances….you loved because there was a strong force within you that made you reach out to the other.

· Recall an instance when you have truly been loved – when you were not the best version of you; when you were emotionally drained and tired yet someone gave you a listening ear; when you wanted to climb the walls, yet somebody understood you and stayed with you…you were loved just because, and in that experience you felt the presence of Jesus in the other.