Pearl 20: “Resolutions – for the whole of your life.”


                 “Propositos – para toda la vida.”

In Letter No. 21, Mother Foundress writes a certain Sr. Agueda, telling her she was very sorry to have not been able to attend her first profession. She then goes on to say that she would “fervently plead to the Lord to make her ….a true Daughter and Spouse of Jesus; and that you may always keep before your eyes the resolutions you make now, because they are not for one nor for two days but the whole of life.”

             Antonio Grau muses over some questions about compromises, about those things that we have to commit to for the rest of our lives. He asks these questions:

             “Why are we afraid of [thing] that sound like they are for a lifetime?

“Why do they want to sell us things that they say “is for life” when the things are not good?

“Why don't we turn around and go back?”

He goes on to say, “There is someone who was clear that his mission was for life. It occurs to me to think of so many anonymous or unknown people who had it very clear [for them]. Women and men who were discovering that it was possible to be happy for life …

I write in the light of one of those people: La Madre Candida. There are many more. And what is more probable is that you have one near you and it is only a matter of seeing things with eyes to… and to see what happens.”


$·         What have we committed to for life? For some, it is a state of life; for others it is a ministerial or professional calling…. what does this commitment entail?

$·         What are the qualities so essential to a fully human and Christian life that we are asked to develop, nurture and live out for life? Would these qualities include kindness, forbearance, patience….and all that St. Paul said in 1 Cor. 13?