Mother General convokes all the Hijas de Jesus and the Laity for the Launching of 150th Jubilee Foundation


Opportunity to celebrate 150 years of the foundation of the Congregation

Dear sisters and laity,

With this letter I want to convoke and invite you to live the year of grace that is offered to us: the celebration of the 150 years of life of the Congregation, which will begin on December 8 and end on December 8, 2021.


This year the Lord gives us a great opportunity to allow Him to work on our conversion, we ask for the grace to be renewed by his Spirit. We wish to thank what we have received, discover the fruitfulness of these 150 years and deepen our identity. We also want to get closer to Mother Candida, to our origins, to return to her writings and essential expressions, to the starting point of living the charism. We want it to be a universal celebration that reaches the entire apostolic body and everywhere. We want it to be a celebration where everyone has a place and is part of it.

It is necessary to become aware of the context of our celebration: a time of pandemic and post-pandemic that we are living today and will continue to live. This will give its characteristics that it would not have had in another historical moment.And it is important, I believe, to discover there that God is present, his message and his way. And to seek and find together what we can respond to in this context, from what our Foundress has left us.

We want to celebrate, thank, feast... It doesn't matter that things turn out "perfect", what does matter is the spirit with which we live them: encouraging each other, infecting each other with the charism, growing together in union of spirit, experiencing, once again, that “The wider the distance that separate us, the deeper the union of our hearts” (Letter of MF 457) and thus we will continue to be faithful to this legacy received as a gift for others.

We want this feast-celebration be in a family atmosphere, with the simplicity and joy that so characterized our Foundress and the first Daughters of Jesus.

This anniversary is an invitation to offer a new face of the charism. “Un carisma vivo, un camino compartido” is the theme that we have chosen, with the participation of many, for this celebration. It is an opportunity for union for all of us who wish to live the Gospel according to the gift received by our Foundress. I thank the provinces for their contributions. We had to choose one among many possibilities. One of the criteria for the selection was that we include both Daughters of Jesus and the laity.

From the theme, the logo has been conceived and worked on by some professionals with the collaboration of all of us, it is the following:

The logo is characterized by the green and purple colors that interplay and communicate spirituality and confidence, depth and hope.

The design wants to represent the dimension of a spiral movement, the expansiveness of a body driven by the force of the Spirit throughout these 150 years of the Congregation.

It is like a force that, from the charismatic inspiration of Cándida María de Jesús, continues to be alive and active, growing, encouraging, convoking, generating new life.

The green stripe may represent the new face of the Charism today: the Mother Candida Family.

This is the logo, but it is still being modified so we cannot use it yet.

I present the Commission that I have formed for this event:

Sr. Sonia Regina Rosa, General Councilor,

Sr. Rosa Espinosa, Spain.

Sr. Beatriz Neff, Spain.

Diana García (laywoman from Salamanca)

Daniel Sánchez (layman from Pamplona)

This commission has been working for a little over a month.

The first steps of this celebration:

There is a schedule that I have approved with my council for this year and that will be announced in due time. But now I can give two dates that open this way:

- December 7: Vigil with the Youth from Madrid, in virtual connection with all parts of the world. It would be very good to convoke our young people and all those who wish to participate. It will be at 9 p.m. European time and will last two hours. This moment will be organized by the Pastoral Youth-Vocational Team of the Province of Spain-Italy.

- December 8: At 6 pm, Opening Eucharist in Salamanca, in the Chapel of the Colegio Mayor Montellano, with the presence of Bishop Carlos López and the Superiors of the Jesuits and Dominicans. I wanted to be present at that celebration but for the reasons we know I cannot. The Provincial Superior will do it on my behalf, and if she cannot, the Superior of the community will represent me. The Sisters of Salamanca are the hosts.

The link to participate, virtually, in both celebrations will be sent in due time.

I want to encourage everyone to participate, from what we are and live, from our possibilities, which are what God counts on.

I greet you with closeness and gratitude,

Graciela Francovig