Pearl 21: “The grandees of this world do not enthrall me;




... heaven, heaven is what I desire and always long for.”

                 “No me ilusionan a mí los grandes de la tierra; el cielo, el cielo es lo que yo deseo.”

This pearl is found in Letter 22, written to her Dominican priest-friend Fr. Joaquin Perez Pando, OP. In it she tells him how happy she is to receive his letters, and assures him that even if she is not able to answer his letters she does not forget him but remembers him in her prayers. She goes on to tell him news of the community, the Sisters entering the Spiritual Exercises, meeting some Dominican nuns in Zamora, all in a very familiar way. In between the news, while talking of their exchange of letters, we find this pearl….

              Antonio Grau says that when reading this phrase hidden in a letter from 1892, the images of Mother Teresa of Calcutta come to mind – images of when she appeared at some of the important receptions that were given to her. He remembers her face, which bore an expression of gratitude, but at the time was clearly not dazzled by the grandees of this world. He goes on to say that if a movie of the biography of Mother Foundress were to be made, he said that it would appear quite similar.

He goes on to say that Mother Candida understood heaven as a happy homeland, a place to arrive at and a place to be in, but also as a space to create happiness here. And that's what she did. She brought happiness for many girls since 1871 and continues to bring joy through all those who directly follow her charism and through all those who follow her distinct way of educating and definitely in her style of living.


$·      Many times, we stand in awe of certain persons. Some, because they seem larger than life; some, because they are great and powerful; and some, because the impact they have on humanity and the soul is deep and lasting. Why don’t you make a list of these persons that you are dazzled by, and beside each name, write down the quality that draws you to him or her, and its impact on you?

$·       After making the list, look at the values attached to the greater number of persons that have impacted your life. What does it reveal to you about the values and virtues that you are attracted to?

$· Mother Foundress brought joy and continues to bring joy to those who educate in her way, and live her way of life, thus touching the lives of others. To whom have you been made an instrument of joy? Not momentary happiness but joy?

$· Who have brought you joy? In what way? How have you expressed gratitude to them?