Pearl 22: “Blessed be God who puts up with us so patiently.”

1.Pearl 22a

                 “Bendito sea Dios, que tanto nos sufre.”

This precious Letter 23 is addressed to her good friend Francisca Garces de San Jose (Paca Garces, the sister-in-law of Fr. Herranz) and a postscript to Paca’s daughter Vicenta. The letter is familial, talks about her meeting with Doňa Ermitas and Fr. Herranz, and the difficulties of travel. It is a heartwarming letter, and it will do well for the Hijas de Jesus to re-read the letter in its entirety as well as the background notes for interesting information about a stage in the development of the FI Constitutions.

             For Antonio Grau, the pearl is found in the phrase “Blessed be God who puts up with us so patiently.” He continues with his musings: “What would have gone through the head of Mother Foundress for her to say that expression? …The first part of the expression is quite common in her. On this occasion, she adds a nuance that is not so much on suffering as in cordiality because of how much God goes through or bears for us. This expression is much like when a son expresses his gratitude for so many hardships that he has put his father through, or when a mother with a smile says to her son what she has been through because of him. And this is expressed and understood from a hidden connection of authentic love. [Paraphrase is mine for greater readability]


$·         The letter is a clear example of Mother Foundress’ sacrificial love….she had to go through so much…so that she would get Pontifical approval for the Constitutions. Behind the motivation and beyond that is wanting to preserve the charism that has been given to her and to see to it that the same key elements are transmitted correctly to those who will come after her. Let us take a moment to give thanks to Mother’s heroic sacrifices and virtues, for what we enjoy now as the Family of Mother Candida did not come easy; it was not handed to her; she had to walk the way of the cross…

$·         Let us then recall the persons who have gone beyond the call of duty to fulfill something out of love – parents who worked day and night so that we could get an education; siblings, aunts or uncles who gave up their own dreams for their family, for a higher and greater good; friends who spend time and sacrifice their own little comforts to be with us. Who are they? Remember them with love and let us celebrate their lives.

$·         Let us also ask for the grace of forbearance….to live joyfully what comes to us; to embrace the crosses that comes our way; to walk the way of humility and kindness and self-giving, a little each day, step by step, and in time, hopefully we become a reflection of our Beloved.