The Treasurers of the Philippines and Bangladesh Gather On Line


As part of our formation, with a thrust of “caring for one another’s spiritual welfare,” the Treasurers of the Philippines and Bangladesh gathered for a session last November 21, 2020 facilitated by Sr. Catherine Cheong. Fourteen sisters joined and gladly met each other virtually.




Our session started with the Letters of Candida which dealt with the foundation at Medina del Campo, as it showed the joys and pain of a transaction that had many economic aspects, from very minute details to complicated ones that we, as Treasurers, could relate to. We learned a lot about how Mo. Candida in her time put value on ethical practices, consultation, coordination, documentation and many more things. But above all her charity to the person over the need for money and her trust and faith in God who cares and knows the needs of His children, were a constant in her life.

We then reviewed the concept of mission, and our roles as we collaborate with the mission of Jesus Christ in the here and now. We were asked to look into the gifts and our giftedness that we bring into this service, which sometimes is not easy for us to recognize. Put together, we realized that a lot of good can be done through us. Then we also looked at the area in our life where our Lord is still “laboring,” where we need to grow and improve, which is what we all want.

We then shared our experiences in this time of the pandemic. We tried to remind each other of the good and innate qualities we have to face in the daily challenges of our service. We affirmed each other’s goodness and the attitudes we need to develop to make us better instruments for the Kingdom. That is why for us it was a “caring session: care for our souls, care for our vocation, care for our service, care for each other, and care for ourselves.” We also want to prepare ourselves to be good Treasurers, especially as this year marks the opening of our 150 years as a Congregation… Let us together go forward with a small step each day. Our prayer life and a positive disposition will make a difference.

Thank you so much Sr. Cathy for reminding us that first and foremost “ I am an Hija de Jesus “ and being a good Hija de Jesus, I will be able to do the best I can in the given responsibility to care for our patrimony.