The Community of Panay and Guimaras joins the 150th Launching Mass, and a Message

 1. Panay Guimaras

"Happy Feast day, Sisters, and Congratulations" are coming in from different social media networks as many alumni, students, parents, and friends of the Hijas de Jesus after watching the live streaming of the Eucharistic celebration beamed through Manresa School Facebook page yesterday.

2. Panay guimaras


They said that the Mass and launching of your 50th founding anniversary of Manresa School, 50th anniversary of St. James Catholic School as well as the Congregation's 150th Inauguration was very beautiful and that they could feel the atmosphere as if they were really there. The community of Iloilo was one with all the Hijas de Jesus in celebrating this day of the inauguration of the 150th Jubilee of our Foundation.




Dear Sisters,

My family was able to join the live streamed mass of Hijas de Jesus last December 8 morning. Very enlightening indeed! Congratulations on your 150th year, and 5oth year of Manresa and St. James. We hope you had a happy Feast Day. Fr. Albert's life sharing was very touching. As Sacred Hearters, we together with our children and now 2 grandchildren are one with Mother Provincial and your whole Congregation in thanking the Lord for St. Candida and all the blessings received thru her. Viva las Hijas de Jesus Sisters!