Greetings of Pope Francis at the Beginning of the Jubilee year of our Congregation


I am happy that Mother Graciela, Superior General of the Hijas de Jesus, has set up this jubilee year, a year of preparation for the 150 years of the foundation of the Religious Institute of the Daughters of Jesus. I believe   that Mother Candida, from heaven, must be very happy.

A jubilee   year, is a year of preparation, a year to see everything, to examine, to revise, to read the Constitutions, to reflect above all the foundational charism, to look into the Institute. How is it living all these? It is very healthy and this will do good.

It’s like revising the page of the trodden path. That is why, dear sisters, I thank you for the gesture and I tell don’t be afraid to revise the page of pathways and see what new decisions you need to make, what things you have to leave behind, but always looking at the foundational charism, because it is the compass that would guide you and without it you will be misled.

Don’t be afraid to get into, enter into all areas, in contexts that are crying for the need of Gospel proclamation. Do not be afraid, you are not alone, go with God. That is why your prayer life, women of the frontiers, has to be glued to your pastoral options; of contemplation and the reading of the Scriptures and to your life in action.   May prayer of adoration   be an act of homage for each one of you and to everyone in the Institute, during this year, May the Lord bless you this grace, with this charism.

I will accompany you with my prayers, and by the way, I ask you to pray for me because I also need it. May the Lord Bless all of You.