Pearl 24: “It is necessary to look after the sanctification of our souls ...

 Pearl 24

...with much attention and care, because we see death coming to our neighbors and it might be approaching us too.”

Es menester mirar con mucha atención y detención la santificación de nuestras almas…y  asegurarnos para que aquella hora sea feliz y dichosa para toda la eternidad..”

The first two paragraphs of Letter 25, addressed to both Srs. Antonia Robles and Isabel Anton, talks of preparation for the afterlife, something that we really need to look into, even as we live life to the full here on earth.

           This is Antonio Grau’s reflection: “When you talk about death, you speak from hope. And when you talk like that you can come to understand that it is a happy hour to forever. Death is not wanted, death is not sought, but it is accepted as a necessary challenge for full happiness. And this is better understood when you have had a very recent occasion where you could have lost a loved one and you feel lonely and you think: what is so happy about that? But when you hear a woman like Mother Candida who invites us to be attentive, she encourages us to fight to be better, that's when you can find a little light. (Paraphrase mine)                                   


a.      Death is not something that we easily talk about. But when the occasion arises, or when we are confronted with it, what thoughts arise? What feelings arise? What are the things we say? What are our concerns?

b.      When I think about my own mortality, what comes to mind? What is the legacy I want to leave behind? What have been the works I have done, the kindness I have shown, the mercy I had exercised, the persons I have forgiven, the persons I need to ask forgiveness from?

c.       We know that going to the afterlife is inevitable. To live life to the full eternally, what things am I shedding off that will only be a baggage to me? What attitudes/virtues am I exercising that will prepare me to meet my Maker?