Conversations on the Global Compact on Education



            A webinar entitled “Conversations   on the Global compact on Education” was held last Friday, December 11, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Philippine time. It was graced by the Mother General of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation, Sr. Graciela Francovig, F.I., and two General Counselors, Sr. Teresa Pinto, F.I. and Sr. Thelma Barbarona, F.I. from Rome.

This was attended by the Hijas de Jesus Sisters, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends of the family of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus in the Indico – Pacific Province, specifically from Bangladesh, Akenohoshi Yochien Hayama and Shotoku Gakuin Matsue, Japan, and Philippines. 

 1.Sr. Lynn

        The webinar was organized by the Provincial Superior of the Indico – Pacific Province, Sr. Emelinda Falsis, F.I. together with the members of the Joint Committees –the Academics and the Formation Committees of the Team on Educative Action.

            One of the aims of the event was to transmit the message of Pope Francis during the Global Compact on Education, particularly the 8 commitments that were expressed during the said compact, to the HIjas de Jesus school-communities in Bangladesh, Japan, and Philippines. A panel of reactors were invited to share their reactions or views on a particular commitment. Moreover, the webinar was also one of the big events of the Indico – Pacific Province in celebrating the 150th Foundation Anniversary of the HIjas de Jesus Congregation.

The conversation activity started with the a prayer led by Mrs. Florilou Pantallano, Curriculum Development Head of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus, Cebu City, Philippines. It was followed by the acknowledgment of all the participants from the Indico – Pacific Province and Rome.

7. Dr. Delia Tumanda moderator


Then, the rationale of the event was given by the facilitator, Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, Principal of Stella Maris Academy of Davao.


The Holy Father's Message on the Global Compact on Education (Read the full text here)

An excerpt of the message of Pope Francis on the Global Compact on Education was shown.

1.Sr. Teresia Pinto Gen Con

Read the Full Text of Sr. Terersa's Message (click Here)

It was followed by a welcome and encouraging message from Sr. Teresa Pinto, F.I., Second General Counselor. One of the things she pointed out was to take the present experience as an opportunity for the schools of Saint Candida to regain a greater vitality and identity its own characteristics. She also encouraged the schools to adapt to the present condition and respond to the needs of students and families.

It was followed by the introduction of the panel of reactors by Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa, Principal of Sacred Heart School, Hijas de Jesus, Cebu City.

1.Cesar Solas

 Read the Full Text of Mr. Solas' Reaction 

The first reactor was Mr. Eleazar Solas, Principal of Manresa School, BF Homes, Parañaque. He focused his reactions on the 1st commitment - on the Value and Dignity of Human Person as Center of Education Program, and the 8th commitment – Investing the Best Energies for Creative and Transformative Education.

1.Jette Lu

 Read the Full text of Dr. Jett Lu's Reaction

The second reactor was Dr. Jetty Jet Lu, MD, RN, DPPS. He centered his talk on the 2nd commitment – listening to the voices of children and young people in life, and 4th commitment - the Family as the first and essential place of education.



Read the Full text of Miss Anezka Tan's Reaction

The third reactor was coming from the youth sector, Ms. Anezka Tan, Senior High School Student of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus, Cebu City. She focused her speech on the 3rd commitment – encouraging the full participation of the girls and young women in education.


 Read the full text of Miss Rhodora Edullantes' Reaction

The fourth reactor was Ms. Rhodora Eduillantes, Senior High School Coordinator of Stella Maris Academy of Davao. She centered her talked on the 5th commitment – education for the need for acceptance and openness to the most vulnerable and marginalized.

1.Edna Giner Reactorr

 Read the Full text of Mrs. Edna Giner's Reaction

The last but not the least reactor was Mrs. Edna Giner, Principal of Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Iloilo City. She talked on the 6th commitment – commitment to education to the service of the human person and human family, and 7th commitment – safeguarding and cultivating our common home.

The participants were given time to reflect on the 8 commitments and were asked to share some of their thoughts or reflections in the chat box. Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa read some of the reflections.


Full Text of Mother General Graciela Francovig's Impression and Response 

Then, Mother General Graciela Francovig, F.I., gave her impression on the whole Conversation on the Global Compact on Education. She commended the organizers of the event. She was pleasantly impressed by the human and academic quality, the spiritual depth and the assimilation of Hijas de Jesus charismatic traits from “Our Characteristic Way of Educating”. She valued the work that Hijas de Jesús and Lay Educators have done and continue to do in the Philippines. She also pointed out some approaches or aspects of the Compact that acquired a special resonance as the Daughters of Jesus prepare for the celebration of the 150th foundation anniversary of the congregation.

Words of thanks followed. Sr. Emelinda Falsis, the Provincial Superior of the Hijas de Jesus Indico –Pacific Province, expressed her gratitude to Mother General Graciela Francovig for her support and encouragement, to Sr. Teresa Pinto for accepting the invitation, to the members of the organizing and technical committee ( Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa, and Ms. Krisna Gregorios) for their service, to the panel of reactors for sharing their valuable experiences and insights, to the interpreters (Sr. Anna Cinco, F.I. and Sr. Normida Marquez, F.I.), to all people who helped in the preparation of the webinar, and to all the participants of the webinar.

Indeed, the webinar was very enriching. Everybody was grateful for the opportunity to participate in that momentous event. The activity ended with a prayer led by Mrs. Ellen Balicoco, Senior High School Assistant Principal of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus, Cebu City. It was followed by the closing song “We Live, We Love, We Lead”.