Pearl 26: “Let us hope in God who can do all things. ”

 Pearl 26

Esperanza en Dios, que todo lo puede.”

Letter 27 was written in the midst of great financial difficulties. But in the first part of her letter MF expresses concern for a young sister named Luisa, who fell gravely ill. She asked that a doctor see her, and that there be a remedy for her illness, and that God would grant her health if it was for the best. But being her realistic self, she also expressed anxiety because of the season they were entering was October, and it was getting cold.

           Antonio Grau then speaks about his own reflections on hope. He says If there is one word that sums up the life of a Christian, it is this: hope.” He goes on to reflect, “I have seen hope in the faces of people who, when faced with a difficult situation, do not express despair, even if they are loaded with pain... I have seen the hope in all those people who maintain their closeness and meet Jesus at the heart of everything. Sometimes with more clarity and smiles to give thanks, but other times with more doubts and tears to seek help and comfort. And this is life, such is life... I believe in hope. In the hope in God who can calm the waters, heal the blind, bring life back ... and I also have hope in God who is capable of moving, searching and carrying on his shoulders the simple, the insignificant...”


·         Living in this time of the pandemic, do we still hope, or are we brought to despair and depression?


·         What are the faces/facets of hope that I see in life around me – my family, my friends, situations that I know of first hand?


·         What face/facet of hope do I show others?


·         From my personal experience of God, either through a direct intervention or more often through the care and help of people, how is this building up my hope in God and in people?