An FI-Lay Joint Formation of the Family of Mother Candida on Fratelli Tutti

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        1FullAnything and everything for  formation is made possible amidst the mutating Covid-19 pandemic. This is a follow-through of Virtual meeting on  "a response to the call to action on the commitments of the Global Compact on Education of Pope Francis" held last December 11, 2020. 



     A virtual Joint Formation of the Family of Mother Candida on Fratelli Tutti was organized by Sister Emelinda Falsis, FI, the Provincial Superior of Indico-pacific province, together with the Academic and Formation committees of the Team on Educative Action and her technical team. It was held last January 13, 2021, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. with the kind and gracious presence of Sister Normida Marquez, FI, as the speaker.

     It was joined in by about 220 email accounts with almost 300 participants - Hijas de Jesus sisters in Japan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines; educators from the different Hijas de Jesus’ run schools; parents and alumni; friends of Mother Candida; and some students. 


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     The team designed the event in two parts. First of which is the formation guided and directed by Sister Nori, and the second is the sharing of reflections from a representative of each school, apostolic center, and organization of the Family of Mother Candida in attendance. Sister Nori also divided her presentation into two parts - First, the presentation which included six subparts - the introduction, the Clarion Call, the Brief Historical Context, the Clarifying Terms, the Document Structure, the Methodology, and the Appropriation; last, the reflection and ritual prayer. READ the whole text

     Towards the end of her presentation, Sister Nori gave a persuasive and compelling acronym as the participants' takeaway lesson by saying, “Let us not waste time to  “ A C T   N O W ”: A - appreciate, affirm, appraise; C - contemplate, care, commit; T - transform, twinkle, thread; N - nourish, narrate, navigate; O - open, optimize, offer; W - welcome, work, walk. 

 Individuals, moved by the Holy Spirit as the formation progressed, shared their reflections, insights, takeaways, and most especially their gratitude to the Hijas de Jesus for the blessing of the joint formation. One educator, alumna, sister, and friend of the Hijas de Jesus sister schools and special organization conveyed his or her message to the big family gathered virtually.    

It was indeed a grace-filled afternoon in the life of the Family of Mother Candida, where the Holy Spirit was certainly at work. The moderators of the event, namely, Mr. Alester Carreon of Manresa School and Ms. Ma. Theresa Pescadero of Sacred Heart School- Hijas de Jesus, thanked Sister Nori and all the sharers for the beautiful spiritual inputs. The Provincial Superior of the Hijas de Jesus Indico-Pacific province, Sister Lynn Falsis, FI, acknowledged and expressed appreciation to each one virtually present in the joint formation, from the Hijas de Jesus sisters to the educators, alumni, friends, and students. She especially thanked Megumi Kajita of Shotuko Gakuin Japan - the Japanese translator, her academic and formation teams headed by Dr. Rodilla Tumanda of Stella Maris Academy of Davao, and Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus respectively, and also her technical team - the people behind the scenes, for successfully carrying out the event. 

Justin Tan SMAD

The Joint Formation on Fratelli Tutti opened with a solemn video-prayer sang "Bukang Liwayway" by Justine Tan, a junior high school student from Stella Maris Academy of Davao.

FT choir


It was also closed with video-prayer sang by the angelic voices of the Hijas de Jesus choir organized by Mr. Levi Bayogos and Mr. Cedric Vince Gometer of Stella Maris Academy of Davao, in coordination with the Music teachers of Manresa School, Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus, and Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus.


“All glory be to God. In Jesus we have everything, without Him everything we have is lost”.



 Mrs. Maria Theresa Pescadero - Sacred Heart School-Cebu & Mr. Alester Carreon , Manresa School -Parañaque City

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Mr Philip Ms. Patricia Leigh Gonzales 

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The Sharers- (l to r; top to bottom)

1.Mr. Cloyd Arbolantes - Manresa School-Paraañaaque City; 2. Dr. Rosario Aceron- Friends of Mother Candida; 3. Ms. Lea Cababasay- Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Iloilo City; 4. Mr. James Barrios- St. James Catholic High School-Maasin Iloilo; 5. Dr. Yvette Lacap- Kalakbay Ministry; 6. Mrs. Lane Sumagaysay-Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion. Pototan, Iloilo; 7. Mr. Philip Morales- Sacred Heart School, Cebu CIty;  8. Miss Patricia Leigh Gonzales - Stella Maris Academy of Davao, Davao CIty; 9. Ms. Edjie Delgado- St. Joseph School, Guimaras  10. Dr. Linda Que- Alumni Group; 11.. Sr. Irene, representing St. Candida School, Estancia, Iloilo.

Sisters from different Communities: Bangladesh, Japan and the Philippines

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