Pearl 27: “Pray for me because I need prayers vey badly.”

1.Pearl 27 

Pidan por me que me hace mucha falta.”

This phrase of Mo. Candida in Letter 29 speaks of her humility, of her being so much part of the human race, just like one of us, in need of prayers, and asking for it.

           Antonio Grau has these beautiful thoughts to share: You believe in the value of prayer is when you can tell someone to pray for you, because you find yourself in need of help. And this is best understood in both ways - where you need help and where you offer help to someone who needs it. When Mother Candida said that it was very necessary, it was when she could feel that “alone she could do nothing, but... and that is when you go to ... those who really love you, to your family and then recognize that you feel bad, confused, without strength and ask for help.

Praying for another person means that it he/she is part of your life, that you care and that your life is linked to theirs. That he/she is more than a friend, or brother/sister. ... I pray knowing that it is God who will take care of giving an answer to his/her needs. (Paraphrase is mine).


·         Recall the instances when you felt you needed help through the prayers of others. What did it feel knowing that you were being prayed for?

·         How did it feel knowing that someone trusted in your prayers and concern for them, so that they asked prayers from you?

 ·         We are all interlinked and interconnected? Does the praying for and being prayed for let you look at the perspective of being in one linked human relationship where we are all brothers and sisters in God our Father, with Jesus showing us the way?