The International Team for Communication

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The INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION TEAM was officially announced in the circular letter of our Superior General, where she tells us: "In our planning, one aspect that we want to characterize our government is that of communication for the general government and for the Congregation. Communication helps us to know what we are experiencing in some and other places of the Body and is a means for the union between us ".


The team is composed of MARÍA TERESA PINTO - Rome - She attends to communication "in the" and "of the" Congregation, from the General Government; MARIA LUISA BERZOSA, Rome; MARIA JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ - Madrid (Spain); CELINA GARCIA - Córdoba (Argentina), and LEE UERA - Parañaque (Philippines). Sr. Maria Luisa coordinates the group, and she welcomed the members and expressed the joy of getting to know one another from the different parts of the globe.

The initial meeting of the group was held on December 23, 2020 in synchronized time as the members are coming from different time zones where sisters shared the current work they are engaged in in the places where they are, their sentiments and dispositions regarding this new assignment as well as the possible contributions they could give to this particular service that the Congregation is asking from them.



To start every meeting, they went into serious reflection and prayer, as they tried to listen to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit so that every work done would really be following what God wants for the group to work on. The next meetings would be setting the objective/s of the team for next years.