On December 8, we begin the celebration of the 150 years of the Foundation of the Congregation, which will culminate on December 8, 2021. We want this year special year of grace, be an occasion for the meeting of the Daughters of Jesus of the whole world and the great family of Mother Candida.

Accompanied by five other companions, guided by Father Herranz of the Company of Jesus, Mother Candida, with the audacity that gave her faith and trust in God, began in Salamanca to the adventure of founding a Congregation with the name of Daughters of Jesus. That December 8, 1871, the foundations of this great family were laid in the Church. 150 years of life and fruitfulness of this charism, a gift for the Church and for the world.

A living charism, a shared path, is the motto that brings us together in this great celebration. I invite you to live this year with a grateful attitude. Thanking makes us more humble, brings us closer to the truth, broadens our capacity to love and appreciate so much good received in these 150 years. It will be an opportunity for all, lay collaborators, Daughters of Jesus, the great family of M. Cándida to get closer to the sources of the Foundation.

Our beginnings were poor simple, small, guarantee of the gospel, space for the action of the Holy Spirit. It is a time to recognize together the charismatic heritage that we Daughters have received. of Jesus and that we share with so many today. We wish to discover and offer the world of today a new face of the charism. they lead the Calls for apostolic action. We want to commit to the house common from all areas of our mission, respond to the cry that comes to us from migrants and refugees, continue inserting ourselves in the ecclesial pastoral with the young, promote the union and articulation of the educators of the schools that follow the education of Mother Candida.

May this year be a year of grace and conversion; opportunity for it to come alive in we call her to follow Jesus, who chose poverty for himself; occasion for to listen again with Mother Candida "The world is small for my wishes" and "To the end of the world I would go in search of souls ”. Our heart is called to widen universally, because there are no borders in the charism that has been given to us as a gift. We have Mary Immaculate. She, Star of our paths, will open them to us today as it did with M. Candida 150 years ago.