Pearl 28: “Blessed be God who permits it.”

Pearl 28

Bendito sea Dios, que así lo permite.”

Mother Foundress, in this phrase found in Letter 30, uses this phrase after having found out about the sickness of a young novice. During those times, serious sicknesses were prevalent and a major concern of Mother Candida, who always asked that medical remedies be availed of, together with a lot of prayers.

           Antonio Grau believes that Mother Candida never stopped blessing. He thinks that blessing for her was a response to life, accepting what God allowed. And what God allows and wants is nothing else than man “growing and living.” What happens is that, sometimes, to grow one has to face pain. We should not flee from it because we lose a unique opportunity to return to life in an intense way. And he quotes Jose Manual, saying” no one reaches the oasis except through the desert, no one goes to the light but through the darkness; no one reaches joy except through the cross.”

         He continues: We cannot lose sight of the sun, despite the trees. But it is true that the thing about pain is not the pain itself, but not being able to share it, not finding one who you expect to be by your side; knowing that sharing is more than just communicating, but that the other understands and ‘feels’ you. (Paraphrase is mine)


·         Recall that instances in your life where you have blessed God for something: a success, a problem solved, a burden lifted, a situation eased...


·         Let us then go to those experiences in our lives when we have done all we could, but what we prayed for and wanted was not granted. While our first reaction may have been one of dismay, anger, disappointment, over the years, we find out that this is life, this is what happens. What have been our reactions in the face of not getting things that we asked for, especially things that we prayed for?


·         After that incident/occasion/experienced has passed, are there any areas or aspects in our life where we grew, matured, took greater responsibility for our choices? Do we see our growth and bless God for such instances, otherwise we would not have grown or gotten out of a cycle of wrong choices? Or have we become bitter, blame God for things, and want him to right the things that we repeatedly do wrong?