Reflections on Fratelli Tutti

     Fratelli TuttiLast January 13, 2021, the province had organized a joint formation on the new encyclical letter of Pope Francis, the Fratelli Tutti for the lay and the sisters. Some participants share their reflections namely; Mr. Phil Christian Morales of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus, Mrs. Fatima Amor L. Monteon of the Stella Maris Academy of Davao, Sr. Delia D. Pedroso, F.I. of El Salvador, and Sr. Caridad P. Ramirez, F.I. of Lasang, Davao.


Sir Phil

Mr. Phil Christian Morales

 CLF Coordinator, Sacred Heart School-FI, Cebu City

     “The education landscape has changed due to the pandemic. I can recall that during the normal days, I had a hard time making my presence felt to each of my pupils. Now, it is even more difficult because everything is virtual. But to dream of a civilization of love, I must fix my attention to the Gospel, and learn from the Good Samaritan.

     He incidentally postponed his schedule for that day to make time for the wounded. And when he must move on, he made sure to leave a considerable amount of money for the continued care of the wounded. He was PRESENT despite his absence. I am in awe of the quality of the presence given from one stranger to a brother. So, to build a civilization of love, I do as the good Samaritan did, taking it one meaningful encounter at a time.”

Mrs. Fatima Amor

amor 2

 Mrs. Fatima Amor L. Monteon, Pastoral Coordinator, Stella Maris Academy of Davao, Davao City

 “…the greatest danger lies in failing to love.” FT#92.

     Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti Encyclical challenges us to build a culture of LOVE with our brothers and sisters. I am honored and grateful that I am part of the family of Mother Candida whose charism inspires me to become a person with a heart for God and for others. I see the beauty and feel the joy of carrying and living the mission - the Sisters and the Lay-, making alive the call of Pope Francis and the charism of St. Candida as well. I am personally challenged and at the same time motivated to love more, give more, and desire more for the good of others especially for the people dear to me.

     Thank you so much for the sessions and allowing me to reconnect, live, and reflect. Thank you for the opportunity in helping me to grow with a generous heart as I play my role of being an F.I collaborator and I am encouraged to ACT NOW.

Sr. Delia

 Sr. Delia D. Pedroso, F.I.

     Looking at our world today, with much sufferings, we can’t help but run to God for help… because “He is our Father and we can place everything in His hands.”

     In my silence before God, I saw many kinds of faces of men and women even children crying for help, looking for life, love and compassion hoping to receive aid from many generous friends. In this situation, Pope Francis encourages us to have hope instead of allowing the situation to overwhelm us; it invites us to ponder and respond with hope. God continues to sow abundant seeds of goodness in the hearts of every human family thus foster PEACE and FELLOWSHIP among all peoples.

     Let us be like the Good Samaritan who bent down to help. Like Mo. Candida, too, who had a soft spot in her heart for the poor. How countless were the occasions when she deprived herself of a little she had to share with the less fortunate than she.

What are we challenged:

     -To reach out and extend a helping hand in any way we can so that they can live, and develop and find fulfillment in life because no one can experience true beauty of life without relating to others

$   -Pray for them that God in His goodness send more generous people to help them.

     -If possible we can visit them and give them support and encouragement.

      Let us always remember that we are all brothers and sister to one another!

Sr. caring

Sr. Caridad P. Ramirez, F.I.

     Fratelli Tutti is a living reality in us, Hijas de Jesus. It is a document that is alive in us. I am enriched and feels that I have to treasure more and live out our charism, the charism of Mother Candida Ma. de Jesus –“God is our Father and therefore all are brothers and sisters. (filiation and fraternity)

    Thank you very much for sharing your reflection. May all the learnings and the invitations that we have in this document, be our inspiration to spread the fraternal love of Jesus.