The LIGHT in the DARK or Beyond the Darkness

141007368 2886148004988882 3669586766638980100 n     Can a very small radiance serve in a world shrouded in darkness? We have been experiencing the pandemic, but the profound effect of the infection felt more in the hearts, and minds of people. And what light awaits if its coincidence bumps into various natural calamities like Ulysses?


The impending danger gave me a sense of uncertainty and worry about my family who’s now living close to the eye of the storm. Thanks to God, He spared them from Mother Nature’s wrath. But should I be glad that only my family was saved from danger?

In my prayer, I could not help but ask God, "Where are you in the midst of this troubled world?" “As I watched the aftermath of the typhoon, a Bible text from Mat 25: 38-40 suddenly hit me. “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and gave you a drink? When did we see you a stranger, invite you in, or needing clothes, and clothe you?” God in His way was making a call … "I am knocking on your door ..." A persistent voice remained as I continue to watch the massive damage of the storm. "I am the person on the roofs of houses asking for help, I am the baby in the basin in muddy floodwater, I am the man drowning in the raging river, I am the one who cries out for food, I am your countrymen who lost homes and possessions." These realities moved me to tears and to do something. I had no idea where or how to begin. I was hesitant to ask for donations from people due to many financial crises brought by the pandemic. However, my single and small donation won’t be enough or may not even be felt due to the extent of people's needs. So, I entrusted to God all other subsequent events.

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I tried to start making a video message and posted some pictures on social media. Then, wrote a letter in English, Tagalog and translated to Japanese using google, which then again posted on the same platform. The next day a Filipina called and went to Shotoku Gakuin to hand her donation of 15, 000 yen. She then expressed her gratitude for granting her desire to help the typhoon victims. She said it was her prayer the night before I posted a message on Facebook.

I no longer knew how the Filipino migrants and Japanese leaders of Matsue, Yonago and Izumo including my Shotoku family voluntarily helped in soliciting donations amounting to about 300,000 yen. I could not believe how the parish council allowed me to solicit and to make a speech in front of Japanese people in the church. I shed tears of joy and gratitude for the generosity of our Filipino and Japanese brothers and sisters as they handed me their donation.

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God had made a loud response to all my questions through this moment of “darkness”. I just did not recognize it right away. I realized that the answer was beyond the question itself- DARKNESS. It is in the DARKEST moment of our lives that we can see more clearly the LIGHT. It is this time of “darkness” that I experienced the light of hope and love that tangibly shone through the generosity of Filipino migrants and Japanese people. God’s light is real and shine in everyone’s heart. The dark moments of fear, isolation, grief, pain, etc. make His light shine more and more in our daily realities and lead us to the authentic source of LIGHT-GOD. Perhaps if we continue to uncover and reveal our own light, we will no longer fear the darkness and thus be able to focus on shedding the light of others.

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Let us pause and ask for God’s grace …What light have we seen in others and in ourselves lately? How can we share this light of hope and love in our world shrouded with darkness? Let’s take the challenge to make our own simple action. With God, we can all shine through…

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