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IndexLea     As One: A Reflection on Fratelli Tutti 
                 Miss Lea Ann Piamonte 

Pope Francis newest encyclical, "Fratelli Tutti", serves as a light in the midst of darkness brought about by the pandemic. In this trying time, we are called to act for the common good.  This is the best time to put love into action and become as one.

We have been struggling and fighting this unseen foe for almost a year now, but have you ever asked yourself why you are still here? It is because we are practicing global community that helps us to survive in this particular situation. In addition to that, we are all on the same boat and no one is greater than the other. We have come to realize that no one is saved alone; we need each other to be saved.

In Fratelli Tutti, the Pope wants us to remove the barrier that separates nation to nation. We must not think about race, religion, tradition, and language in establishing relationship. For the world to function, we should accept each one of us, forgive those who have sinned, and embody the word of God for He is the Creator of everyone and everything. We are therefore members of one family and should recognize one another as such. We can only love God through loving our neighbours and instead of building walls we must build bridges. Let us be one in Christ and no one will be forsaken.
As I listened to the message of Sr. Nori, I found myself with so much love and gratitude to have witnessed this compelling message that made me realized so many things. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all beautiful souls who have shared heartening ideas and concepts. May we remain faithful to the commitment and live truly as brothers and sisters.



FratelliTutti: A Detour, Going Back to the Origin
Ms. Lane Sumagaysay

lane2     Through the Holy Father, Pope Francis, this Fratilli Tutti is God's way to let us, His beloved people, be awakened of the threatening realities today: the kind of society characterized by a broken world, and the kind of attitude that we, the people have. This encyclical significantly brings us to a bright morning before everything becomes worse. As people, we need to take a detour going back to the point of origin of our life given to us by the Creator – full of promise that we are His beloved children forever. A detour in our life's journey towards the restoration of a kind of a world granted to us. Along with the dreamed rebirth of the society, I hope that this Fratilli Tutti would redirect our attitude and sense of values – that we may become the heralds of hope like the Good Samaritan to our less fortunate brothers and sisters who are just around us, and we do not need to go far to search for them.
As we are heeding to respond to this urgent call, and being members of the family of Mother Candida, may we become inspirations to others, and be significant contributors in rebuilding a society with absolute equality. Let us all focus our sight to our dear Jesus Christ who offered His life for us, and in our simple way be catalysts of hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak and vulnerable, and light to those who are in darkness, confusion, skepticism, and uncertainty. But of course, before we can take this challenge, we ourselves must be epitomes of the desires we like to achieve.
Rest assured that in our sincerity and commitment to respond to this urgent call, I know that our dear Mother Foundress, St. Candida, is always there to strengthen us, and our Virgin Mother Mary never leaves us alone and always offers her open hands to intercede for us. With our unconquerable faith to God, the Father, this call of the Holy Father is both a mission and an inspiration for us, because, "With God nothing is impossible; in Him everything is possible". – St. Candida Maria de Jesus


An Urgent Call... No One is Exempted
Sr. Amelia Alejan, F.I.

SR AMY4     

     Listening very attentively to the very clear sharing of Sr. Nori about the Encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" or Fraternity and Social Relationship, I came to the realization that this Encyclical of Pope Francis is the timely answer or response to the very urgent needs and concerns of the present alarming situation of the entire universe. Recognizing that we are all brothers and sisters regardless of race, color, religion, economical condition, and above all created and redeemed by God the Almighty Father, who loves us all equally, we are all encouraged and empowered to respond to the calls and needs of one another. This is a very urgent call to give love or charity for our suffering brothers and sisters is urging and moving us to respond openly and gratuitously, a love capable of transcending borders or differences. No one is exempted; everybody is encouraged!




Fratelli Tutti: A Clarion Call to all Peoples Towards a Civilization of Love

Sr. Maribeth Cauilan

Sr Beth1     Fratelli Tutti of Pope Francis' new encyclical is a strong denunciation of the physical, ideological, emotional and intellectual walls and barriers that many of us set up in order to prevent meaningful encounters with "others" – and a thoughtful proposal of an antidote to break them down.
To respond to this call a conversion must happened to us, change of perspective, idealism and self/behavior itself in order to freely embrace each individual as image and likeness of God.
As educators following the charism of mother candida "we are all brothers and sisters". A person seeing herself/himself a gift and accepting his/her weaknesses can humble to embrace any culture, ideologies without prejudices and biases. This gift as a person it's our responsibility to integrate and share to our students, co-workers, to enliven in our everyday life.
The acronym of ACT NOW is a challenge to live out in our school, community and family. To appreciate others than to judge, to affirm their capacity than to be little, to appraise their dignity than to look down, to contemplate rather than to immediate reaction, to care rather to dole out any help, to commit rather than to promise, to transform rather than to control and demand, to twinkle our hope and thread our love rather to be hopeless and pessimistic, to nourish life than to promote culture of death, to be open of changes rather than to be close and legalistic. To be optimistic rather than to be pessimistic in embracing walks of life. To offer a help to any people who needs our help.
"Lets begin again for until now we done nothing." (St. Francis of Assisi).