Pearl 29: “Patience and may it all be according to God’s plan ”


Paciencia y vaya todo con Dios”

In Letter No. 31, Mother Foundress speaks with a bit of disappointment that she would be on a train that would pass by the first house that she established, but that she could not disembark, as she had other matters to attend to. The entire phrase was, “Paciencia y vaya todo con Dios.” We translate it as “Patience, and may it all be according to God’s plan, or patience, and may it all be for the love of God.”

           Antonio Grau writes, How many times [have we said] this phrase. How many times do we have to look at the sky, breathe and discover that the only one who does not fail and the only one for whom so many things are worthwhile, is God? And that's when we discover that this path, that of life, requires a lot of patience, a lot of mixture of peace and science. Peace to discover that one thing is the feelings we carry with us at a certain determined moment and another is what we do with them.


·       What are the situations where our patience has been exercised? Do we see a pattern where our impatience, frustration, and disappointments are triggered, which often call for an exercise of patience, as we cannot do anything about the situation?


·       If after all our efforts, we realize that all we can do is ask for patience and leave everything in God’s hands, over time, do we see what He is forming in us, and how He is forming us?