Ash Wednesday Mass 2021 of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus

Ash Wednesday index     The educative family of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus had a simple yet meaningful Eucharistic Celebration of the Ash Wednesday - the opening of the Lenten Season. 

     The mass was streamed live via YouTube. The pupils, students, teachers and parents hooked up with the celebration through the link posted via SHS-HDJ Hijas Campus Ministry Facebook page.


     The reflections in the homily shared by Fr. Ruben Endona touched base on the essentials and core message of the Lenten Season as symbolized by the ASH;




A-lmsgiving: This calls us to recognize God’s Providential Love for us. His Providence invites us to be generous with others, especially those who have less in life. The pandemic must not stop us from seeing God’s abundant generosity even in the little we have in our life. In Him we draw out what we share even in our littleness. We may never know that our little act of generosity and kindness will spring forth hope especially the downtrodded in this time of pandemic.

S-acrifice: Making sacrifice is an act of love and a response to love. As our Lord Jesus has shown His great love to us that liberates us from sins and death, we are called to sacrifice - to fast and abstain from anything that can hinder us from seeing and receiving the love of God.

H-oliness: The call to holiness is universal, hence for everyone. The breath of God that animates us from the beginning of creation reveals God’s dream for us to be with Him when our end comes. But let us not wait for the end to come, each moment is an invitation to allow the Presence of God to be unveiled in and through our lives- words, actions, practice of profession, and even in our relationships.

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     The call of the Lenten Season especially this year reverberates the message of HOPE, LOVE, and CONVERSION to HOLINESS.