1.Dr. Ayo     The pandemic brings us much uncertainties and most of us wondered when this could possibly end , or how we can cope while we are still caught in its grasp. Since last year, everyone was hoping that the vaccine will be here. Now, that the vaccines are here, people have started to get anxious wondering which one is good enough or safe enough to use.   


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     Last Wednesday, February 17, 2021, Dr. Joseph Johann Ayo, the physician of Manresa School of Parañaque delivered a talk virtually which enriched and clarified certain points about the COVID 19 vaccine. The members of the Family of Mother Candida from the different centers of the Indico Pacific Province, headed by Sr. Emelinda Falsis, FI, Provincial Superior, eagerly awaited this moment in order to be enlightened about the truths of the vaccines.  Dr. Ayo, with his calm demeanor, patiently explained the following points:

·  The different COVID 19 vaccines are developed by the Pharmaceutical companies, making these authentic for use of the human population.

· The administration or non-administration of these vaccines may affect the person, his family, and the people whom he may encounter.

· We, in the working force need to be more open with this procedure as we are the ones who will encounter many people especially our clientele.

· Vaccines are really intended to prevent infections of diseases.

· Past issues on a certain vaccine were products of miscommunication or misinterpretation by some people not even working in the field of medicine.


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     Sr. Emelinda Falsis, Provincial                                Ms. Maria Glorfe Cajilig, Moderator

vaccine6               Mrs. Idulsa

     Miss  Cesa Mae Maido                                                 Mrs. Sally Idulsa 

     Dr. Ayo comprehensively answered the questions raised by the participants, sharing his own experiences or that of his patients.  He really took away fears and apprehensions among many of us, who until now have still doubted the safety of the COVID 19 vaccination.      

     Indeed, it was a very fruitful afternoon. It opened minds that chose to continuously close , clarified doubts, and helped develop the conviction to take the courage to do what is right not only for oneself but for everyone else.