This was the theme of the Virtual Regional Encounters which were held on separate dates: February 25-26 for the Panay-Guimaras and Cebu-Mindanao Regions; March 5-6 for Bangladesh, Japan, and  Metro-Manila Regions, and March 10-12, 3 half days, for the encounter with the Sisters in Tahanan Candida Maria de Jesus.


1. VRE 

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 TCMJ Encounter 2

The days of the encounter proposed to the sisters the following Lines: LISTEN...LEARN...DIALOGUE...SHARE.

The Objectives of the virtual encounter were as follows, To:

deepen on the meaning of true evangelical poverty; reflect on one's experience of TEP; find deeper appreciation and be inspired to live TEP; share concrete ways by which we practice poverty in the house/community; foster enthusiasm, interest, and solidarity with the sisters working in other ministries aside from the school apostolate.

The two days' encounter started with a prayer by the assigned house/community.

The main talk was presented by the guest resource speaker Fr. Silvino (Junjun) Borres of the Society of Jesus, with his talk and elaboration on True Evangelical Poverty, followed by a sharing of impressions and comments by the sisters. 

Then, groups sharing, by house, followed, with guide questions: What struck you from the talk, and Why? Dialogue concrete ways by which we practice poverty in our house. The sharing of the synthesis in big assembly was done in the afternoon. 

2.Sr. lorna     

 The Provincial Econome presented the current economic situation of the province, followed by an open forum. 




 4. Sr. Vicky    

After a brief break, the assembly was given an update on the school environment and the situation of the retreat house.



8.Sr. Patricia   

This was followed by the state of the school apostolate in the new normal, through the eyes of the school Principals, both the Lay and Sisters.



 Sisters who are in the school apostolate also shared about their ministry:

Sr. Teresa Yasa,

and Sr. Lorena Sevillo. 

Towards the end of the day, the sisters were given a chance to share their insights, reflections, and thoughts about what they heard, what they had seen, what they had felt...

7.Sr Lynn     

At the end of the day's encounter, the Provincial gave her Words, thoughts, and reflection of the day's account.



To close the day's session, the sisters from the Paranaque residence led the prayer using the St. Candida Maria de Jesus Canonization prayer... Jesus Christ, Eternal Word... and the Final Song sung by Sr. Lynn and composed by Sr. Lillian Lim (Lyrics) and Sr. Lee Uera (Music) was played for the first time in the assembly.

On the second day, Sr. Lynn Falsis, the Provincial, gave a short review of the Provincial Plan.

After this, the sisters were engaged in listening, learning, dialoguing, and sharing particularly on the presentation of the Sisters of their experiences from different ministries. The contents of the sharing were guided by the following questions: Describe the ministry or work in terms of What, Who, Where, When, and How... How does the ministry /work help you grow in your vocation as an Hija de Jesus/Lay? What challenges do you face in the ministry/work?

After each presentation, the sisters were given a 3-minute silence to reflect on what they had heard, seen, felt about the sharing of the sisters.

The following sisters were the sharers and the kind of ministry they are engaged in:

Sr. Felie Acelo, the accompaniment of the poor communities in Ulaliman, Misamis Oriental.

Sr. Marilou Guillano, Accompaniment of villages in Bangladesh

Sr. Mary Juelar, work with the refugees in Maynmar; she also shared on the housing project in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.

Sr. Flor Florece, work with the migrants in Japan.

Sr. Rosina Magladi, work with the Japan Detention Center

Sr. Amelia Alejan, work with Pototan Prison Ministry

Sr. Donisia Quela, Accompaniment of IP Communities- a previous experience

Sr. Aida Jallorina, Formation and Retreat Ministry 

Sr. Catherine Cheong, Formation of Clergy and religious

Sr. Fe Linterna, Formation of Priests/ Clergy through Tagbadbad Ministry

Sr. Lillian Lim, Formation of the Clergy and Religious

Cristopher Lagong, lay in the Family of St. Candida, in the Kalakbay Ministry

and Dr. Linda Que, Accompaniment of the Friends of St. Candida.

After the presentation, the sisters gave their thought and impressions, as well as their insights and reflection. 

Like the first day, Sr. Lynn gave a summary, her reflection, and words of wisdom to guide and inspire the sisters for the next years. (Please CLICK to read the complete text).

The Closing Prayer was led by the Sisters of Manila Residence using the prayer to Bl. Maria Antonia Bandres, whose birth we commemorated that day. Then, everyone was enjoined to sing "Bl. Antonita, Pretty Flow'r of Tolosa, a song specially composed in her honor.