Impressions, Insights, Reflections and other sharings of the Sisters on the Virtual Regional Encounter

Thoughts, Insights… on the FI Regional Encounter
Panay – Guimaras – Cebu – Mindanao
Feb 25 - 26, 2021

For me, listening attentively to the different shared topics, has enriched my knowledge, appreciation, interest, and love for the Congregation’s apostolic mission in spite of the differences and different capacity of each one of us. I realized very clearly that we are placed in certain circumstances at certain moments of life in order to contribute to the growth of God’s kingdom wherever we are in. All of us are God’s instrument of his love!

- Sister Amy


Personally, I believe it was a grace filled moment for all of us who attended it virtually. We are so much connected spiritually and as a Province – Body. Even during this time of pandemic, life continues to flourish as Hijas de Jesus especially made tangible by our sisters thru the different ministries we are in. The talk, the sharing and interactions of the sisters manifested our union of hearts as well as it brought us once again to embrace some challenges and to renew our commitment to live out with radicality our Evangelical poverty especially in the very ordinariness of our everyday life. I would like to thank the Province for organizing this encounter and the persons behind the success of this event. Blessed be God!

- Sister Emma Q.


The encounter we had was very enriching and inspiring. The sharing of our sisters of their different ministries were very touching because of their dedication and commitment to the mission entrusted to them. The hosts of the two days encounter did their part very well.

-Sister Emma B.


“Weren’t our ‘hearts burned inside’ us as we listened to Him along the road?” These words of the two disciples of Jesus as they walked towards Emmaus echoed within me after participating in the FIRE. I felt a great effort, passion and creative love of all the sisters behind this ONLINE ENCOUNTER that touched us to the core and made many of us cry with tears of joy. The reports of the sisters were well prepared, easy to understand and great updates to what is happening in our province in all aspects-financially and apostolically during this horrible pandemic times. The personal sharing of the sisters on their different ministries made me “connect deeply” and see the many “hidden good things” our sisters do to make JESUS present and his love alive , giving hope to our world now “disheartened “ by Covid 19. Looking forward to succeeding “FIRES”!

-Sr. Marianita


An examen of consciousness that makes us aware of how we live daily our relationship with Jesus

Gratitude and appreciation for the giftedness of each one in spreading God’s love and the charism of St. Candida along with our lay partners through their unique and varied talents with passion and commitment

We are updated, enriched and inspired by God’s blessings and goodness.

Our loving thanks to Sr. Lynn and her consultors and other collaborators for FIRE 2021!

Blessed be God who loves us so dearly.

-Sister Maricel


It strengthens our sense of belonging as a body and as a community. I am also happy that most of our sisters saw the need for intimacy with the Lord. No growth in our relationship with Him is effective with out the power and exercise of one hour prayer. The schedule of the encounter was perfect.

-Sister Caridad


The FIRE sustained the fire in my heart…. to continue the struggle and the joy to love Jesus more as my only treasure. As Father Borres said “Go back to the basics … Christ!”

-Sister Lorna Yu


A call to deepen my intimacy with Christ in prayer for I believe that prayer can do marvels in my life and those whom I come in contact with. Also, Identification with Christ that broadens my horizon to get out of myself and to get in touch with my brothers and sisters in need.

-Sister Delia