Pearl 32: “…work much for God alone... ”

 Pearl 32a


Trabajando mucho por Dios solo.”

The first part of Letter 34, addressed to Srs. Antonia Robles and Isabel Anton, talks about a favorite topic among sisters and lay in the Family of Mother Candida – “assignment.” But with the assignments come the wishes of Mother Foundress- that the sisters may truly become authentic Hijas de Jesus, and may it all be for the glory and honor of God. She asked that the sisters be made to realize what they are to do, and that she prays for them, just as she asks for their prayers. Above all, she wished that they be very holy, and work much for God alone. Then, as she said, “We may all go to heaven.”

           Reflecting on his work and life, Antonio Grau writes, “Work hard for God, only for God. Work as if everything depends on what you do, but knowing that everything is in the hands of God. To work with my hands, but trying to be guided by the hands of God. And of course, to work with hope, joy, and enthusiasm because they are the best ingredients of a great engine.      

Who should I work for? Only for God. Always discovering that in what I do there is a “reason”, that day to day, gives me more understanding to everything. And when because of my weakness or for other reasons it seems that that reason is clouded, that is when I have to trust the most and continue, because I know it is there, because I know it does not abandon me.

And of course, if someone is an example for me to discover these three words (work, a lot, God) that, without a doubt, is Mary. She worked tirelessly, sometimes, walking many kilometers, sometimes listening and pondering in her heart what she understood and what she didn't, sometimes just being there at the foot of life, at the foot of joys and laughter, and at the foot of the cross. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       The way Antonio describes how Mary worked much for God is beautiful. It is not always working with her hands, serving other people by overtly doing much so that people can see; it is not producing “something” to be acknowledged. Rather it is .... sometimes listening and pondering in heart what she understood and what she didn’t, sometimes just being there at the foot of life, joy, and laughter, sometimes at the foot of the cross.” Isn’t this a beautiful description of serving the Lord? What are your thoughts about this?


·       And how are you invited to work much for the Lord in the day-to-day, according to your state and your situation in life? What gives meaning to this service? Does it elicit joy from the heart in spite of the hard work?