150th Founding Anniversary of the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesus December 8, 2020- December 8, 2021

What we have done so far... Where we have gone so far...


November 18, 2020 - Mother General, Graciela Francovig convoked the FI Sisters and Laity for the Launching of the 150th Founding Anniversary of the Congregation

November – Sr. Lynn Falsis, Provincial, constituted the AD HOC Com for the 150th Anniversary

November 29 – December 7, 2020 – Novena Prayers to the Immaculate Virgin, in Video highlighting the Charism and Spirituality of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, by the Ad Hoc Com

Day 1 November 29 “Blessed be God, who loves us so dearly.” (Filiation)

Day 2 November 30 "God is a Loving Father, in Him, we put our trust. (Filiation)


Day 3 December 1- The world is too small for my desires." (Universalism)

Day 4 December 2- "I will go to the uttermost parts of the world in search for souls”  (Missionary Spirit)

Day 5 December 3 “Where there is no room for the poor, neither is there any room for me.”  ( Love for the Poor)

Day 6 December 4 “In Jesus we have everything, without Him everything we have is lost” (Christ-centeredness)

Day 7 December 5 “In everything we have to see the hand of God.” (Finding God in all things.

Day 8 December 6 “Live with a burning love for Jesus, live with a burning for Jesus". (Christ-centeredness)

Day 9  December 7 “ Mary is our Mother and she always listens to our supplication”.  (Marian Spirit)

December 8, 2020 – Launching Eucharistic Celebration of 150th, 50th Anniversary of Manresa School and St. James Catholic High School streamed live from Manresa School Chapel, seen on El Rosarillo de Manresa, and Manresa School Facebook Pages

Video Greetings and Messages from the Family of Mother Candida from around the world, Alumni/ae of the different Schools of the Hijas de Jesus.


Impressions on the Logo

          Miss Imee Solivet

Sr. Florencia Constantino

Sr. Mary Mae Santorce

Sr. Crystal Bermejo

Jubilee Songs composed for the Jubilee

     Jubilee Song

     Treading the Path

     Manresa School Jubilee Song

December 11, 2020 – A Webinar: Conversation on the Global Impact of Education



January 3, 2021 – Start of the Video Reflection on the Life of St. Candida Maria de Jesus entitled “Sharing the Path” that comes out every Sunday, a 44-week reflection on the Life of St. Candida focusing on her charism and spirituality, following the Sunday Gospel readings.

January 3 Week 1 “Let us love Christ, as He loves us and we will find true happiness.”

 January 10 Week 2 God is a loving Father, and He will look after us.” 

 January 17 Week 3  “ Live with a burning love for Jesus..."

January 24 Week 4 “To do in everything the will of God no matter what it costs.”

February 7 Week 5  " I am for God alone."

February 14 Week 6 " Try to live closely united to Jesus, doing everything, all for Him and with Him."

February 21 Week 7 "Where there is no room for my poor, Neither is there room for me."

February 28 Week 8 " When our only desire is to please God, He gives us the courage to fulfill and accept everything for the love of him."

March 7 Week 9 - "Love Jesus profoundly and the more you love Him, the more you will excel in virtues and the more pleasing you become to Him.”

 March 14 Week 10- "I am not seeking money, but to save souls."

March 21 Week 11 " Do not separate your heart from mine."

March 28 Week 12 - “Blessed be God who favors us with so many trials.”

April 4 Week 13 - “…to found a Congregation, under the name “Hijas de Jesus...”

April 11 Week 14 - "... this is my chosen one for the foundation..."

April 18 Week 15 - " Alone I can do nothing..."

April 25 Week 16 - " The Divine Providence never fails..."

May 2 Week 17 - "God wills it!" "God wills it!" 

May 9 Week 18 - "Here is my peace!"  

May 16 Week 19 - " The world is too small..."

May 23 Week 20 - "Work hard for God's Glory..."

June 6 Week 21 - "We are in God's hands..."

June 13 Week 22 -" Let us be good, my daughters..."

June 20 Week 23 - "We are happy doing the will of God."

June 27 Week 24 - "I vow...poverty, chastity, and obedience..."

July 4 Week 25 - "We are instruments to bring..."

July 11 Week 26 - "Anyone who wanted to belong to our Congregation..."

July 18 Week 27 - "It is my joy to see many children come to our school..."

July 11 Week 28 - " Without the cross, one gets nowhere".

July 18  Week 29 - " Take courage and carry the cross..."

July 24 Week 30 - "God is a loving Father..."

August 1 Week 31 - "Do not be discouraged and be patient..."

August 15 Week 32  -" We shall come together ..."

August 22  Week 33  - " Blessed be God..."

August 29 Week 34 - " Much charity with everyone..."

September 8 Week 35 - " Let us keep looking..."

September 12 Week 36 - "The Lord sends little trials..."

September 19 Week 37 - "All who belong to this Congregation..."

October 3 Week 38 - "Work when you are well but take care of yourselves..."

October 10 Week 39 - "Pray a great deal for me..."

October 17 Week 40 - "See how God makes use of the lowliest persons..."

October 24 Week 41 - "Tell me, my God, what you want me to do."

November 7 Week 42 - "The world is too small for my desires."

November 14 Week 43- "We are Hijas de Jesus and our Father..."

November 28 Week 44- "May praise and glory be to God..."

January 13, 2021 - Fratelli Tutii

February 25-26, March 5-6   Virtual Regional Encounte

February 27, 2021 – Webinar for the Youth , Youth Ministry Team

February 27, 2021 – Webinar for the Youth , Youth Ministry Team