Project Balik Buhay(PBB): A Glimmer of Hope for SHS-HdJ

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     Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus gives premium on the health, safety, and security of all the members of our educative family- the pupils, students, sisters, teachers, staff, and other personnel. To continue the safe and effective delivery of educational services, the school administration desires to slowly transition to face to face instruction in school while retaining the best features of Hybrid Online Learning Delivery( H.O.L.D.). Hence, as an educative family, we synergize our endeavors to ensure everyone’s safety, health, and security.

 Project Balik Buhay sheds a glimmer of hope for schools like us in the private sector.

The objective of Project Balik Buhay is to keep workplace safer for workers.

As Cebu economy starts to recover, Project Balik Buhay (PBB) will serve as a road map for businesses to open safely.

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     In keeping with the spirit of dialogue, the school administration of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus discussed during a Faculty Development session last March 25, 2021, the possibility of availing the PBB- initiated vaccination program as a school company. The teachers, staff, and personnel expressed their thoughts and questions on this move.

     “Vaccination is the way to go if we want to attain herd immunity,” Treading this path, we requested the members of the educative family to answer a survey. This survey was rolled out to assess the willingness of the school personnel to avail the vaccination program. The items in the survey tool were paralleled to the DOH-7 template for the pre-listing and screening of recipients of COVID-19 vaccines. Thankfully, 98.7% of the total number of school personnel had responded yes – expressing their consent to avail the vaccines as part of the school company.

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     Hopefully, majority of our school personnel will soon be vaccinated. This is a leap of faith and a big step for SHS-HDJ to gradually transition to safe and secure face to face instruction that will benefit our pupils and students.