Dear Family of Mother Candida,

       We would like to greet you "A most holy and wondrous Easter day, with a bursting Light of our Risen Lord," (see picture below)



…that in the midst of the seeming darkness of the pandemic and

the sad situations of those among us; those we know; those we care for; those we serve, and those we do not know- situations that bring us much sorrow, grief, and anguish, still, the light of Jesus shines forth.  We know it, and we feel it. This gives us hope, strength, and courage to go on.

     This is the HOPE that we want to share… that we have a God who loves us and will never abandon us.  We feel that maybe this is what our Mother Foundress would want to say to us too, today.

     A Blessed Easter to us all.  Christ is Risen!  He is with us and among us today, especially where love and goodness in the multitude of ways abound.


        Sr. Lynn and the sisters of the Indico-Pacific Province