SHS-HdJ Senior High Lenten Faith Sharing

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“When was the last time you cried, “Lord, where are you? I need you,” those times when you wept and asked, “Lord, Lord, why have you forsaken me?”

   These were the questions that the students and teachers at the Senior High School Department of Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus in Cebu have asked themselves during their Faith Sharing Session, which somehow also served as their mini-recollection for Lent and a wonderful way to prepare themselves for the Holy Week.

   The reading of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Mark (Mk 15:1-39) was used as the material for reflection. It was read twice silently. In between the two silent readings, a lyric video of the song “We Are the Reason”, vividly portraying the events of the gospel, was shown. To immerse themselves more in the message of the gospel, a video presenting a very profound homily of Archbishop Socrates Villegas was shown; it was entitled “Why Is There Suffering?”.

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      After reflecting on the gospel reading and the striking homily of Archbishop Villegas, the students and teachers proceeded to the small group sharing in their breakout rooms. There, they poured their hearts out and shared what came up in their reflection. Having shared their insights and reflections, they then brought together each group’s heartfelt petitions and together prayed, “Lord, be with us in our suffering.”

     Reflecting on the meaning of life despite suffering, the students were able to realize that the pains and sufferings that they are going through are nothing compared to the glory that awaits them; that even if they are hurting and suffering, God will always be there through the persons He sent to help them; that they need to be more sensitive and respectful to other people who are coping with their pain differently; that pain and suffering help them become better persons; that suffering is a way of participating in the saving Passion of our Lord; and that the suffering of our Lord is God’s way of saying, “I am with you even in your suffering.”

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      The session culminated with three relevant points. We started with a quote from Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, “Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.” Then we picked up 2 significant lines from the recent circular letter of the Mother General: “Jesus continues to call young people to live life with meaning" and “Young people are the best evangelizers of other young people." To live life with meaning is not about living a life without suffering. To live life with meaning is to find that joy and reason behind all the suffering.

     Lastly, we ended with a story teaching us that we will never find happiness and meaning in life if everyone is looking for their own; but if we care about other people's happiness, we will find ours as well.

     The whole session revolves around the theme of finding meaning in suffering. It was rather timely for everyone in the department to contemplate the suffering and death of our Lord, amid academic demands piling up and the pandemic threatening us.

Indeed, in the words of Mother Candida,

“Live in order to suffer, and suffer out of love.”