Pearl 35: “All my trust is placed in God.”

Pearl 35 

Tengo mi confianza puesta en Dios.”

Letter 37 is written to Sr. Antonia Robles. Mother Foundress talks to her about vocations, a few finances, gifts to certain persons. But we know that the Congregation was with very little financial means then. Thus, Mother Foundress wrote, “You are aware of our situation, but all my trust is placed in God and in His holy Providence.” 

           “The real dimension of phrases is to make them come to life. And if not, they are not worth given more than to waste paper.“ Then he tells the story of a farmer.

           A farmer one day asked God for what the farmer felt would be good for a greater harvest, and God gave in to his request. And so, when the peasant wanted light rain, that was what happened; when he asked for sun, the sun shone in its splendor; if he needed more water it rained more regularly, etc.

         But when harvest time came, the farmer was very surprised, because the was a total failure. Puzzled and half annoyed, he asked God why it turned out like this. God answered: You asked for what you wanted, but not what you really needed. You did not ask for storms, and these are very necessary to clean what was planted, drive away birds and animals that consume it and purify it of pests that destroy it.

A positive person is not one who does not see difficulties, but one who does not get scared by them and does not back down. Difficulties are temporary showers and they make people mature. They make us grow as persons by leaving something good in our lives. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       When and in what manner have I had to place all my trust and confidence in God? How did I experience His mercy and Providence? Go back to that experience, relish and savor the goodness of God in our lives.


·       We turn to the story of the farmer. Nobody wishes for storms in their lives, but storms do come. How have I matured as a person because of them? What good did they leave in our lives? What realizations and learning did I receive from the experiences? Did my relationship with God develop for the good or the worse because of these storms? Where do I stand with Him now?