Pearl 36: “We are always ready to work ...

36 Pearl



...for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.”

Siempre estábamos dispuestas a trabajar para la gloria de Dios y la salvación de las almas.”

The introduction to Letter 38 says that the glory of God and the salvation of souls were the two firm pillars on which Mother Foundress’ apostolic task and even her entire life was built. This is a tall order for anyone. But for this reflection we underline Mother Foundress’ availability, her being always ready, something which we know is far from easy in real life. 

           Antonio Grau offers us this reflection: He first asks the question – to be always ready? How do you get to do this? Is it possible? Then he goes on to say:

           I re-read the sentence and names come quickly to me and so I write them down without thinking more: Teresa of Calcutta, Vicente Ferrer, Oscar Romero, Candida Ma. de Jesus; also- the woman who gets up very early to prepare sandwiches for some immigrants who go to work and just eat what is given to them, the businessman, who, in spite of the crisis, always has the door of charity open, the young religion teacher who dedicates his time to talk about Jesus until he is almost without voice, the catechist who, despite criticism from the neighbors, continues to do what she can ... and so many names and faces that you surely know.        

Talking about availability is a delicate matter for me at this moment. But I don't want to avoid it. That is why I keep my availability to the Gospel from a concrete charism. That is why my attitude remains the same, but my availability is also a search. I feel my willingness to work for the glory of God, but "the world " very big and although sometimes it is “small for my desires.” (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       To be disposed to do good things all the time with good humor is almost an impossibility. It is an ideal we all strive towards, but with God’s grace, we attain it only through constant effort throughout the years, one step at a time.


·       Looking through Antonio’s list of those who are always ready to work for the glory of God and salvation of souls, what other names (famous or ordinary human persons) come to mind? They may be persons you live with in your homes, people you know from your neighborhoods... Why do you think of them?


·       What steps do you take to be more mindful of living this ideal? How has it affected your life and others?