A Conference that Matters for the Sacred Hearters!: A Virtual Day with My Community Friends

1 kinder

Children can laugh and enjoy in the midst of hard times, as long as they know someone cares for them. Who do you think is this someone being referred to?

      A year has passed since COVID-19 roared into our lives, upending routines and norms. But as we grappled with pandemic-inspired change, something else occurred: we started learning online. This time of pandemic, we can still share enjoyable and experiential learning encounters with our young learners and celebrate little successes and one of which was the Virtual Day with the Community Friends which took place last April 16, 2021 (Friday) via Zoom Meetings with the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten pupils together with our invited resource speakers, teachers, parents, and guardians.

     The pupils joined the virtual activity while having no exact idea what was in store for them. It was a bright sunny day filled with hopes as our little dreamers got to experience, learn from, and be inspired by the activities and the presence and gifts of persons of our 3 invited speakers, Mme. Seachel Lopez, a school librarian; Dr. Sherry Joahne Villariasa, a hospital doctor; and lastly Sr. Crystal Bermejo, an Hija de Jesus Sister.

3 kinder


     When the pupils were told that there were 3 community friends waiting to meet them, they could no longer contain their excitement. Filled with wonder and awe, they listened as each resource speaker took turns in introducing themselves and giving the pupils a glimpse and inspiration of their work in the community. A school librarian, a doctor and an Hija de Jesus Sister, what more could they ask for.


2 kinder


     It started with a prayer, followed by the opening remarks, and commenced with our beautiful and inspiring 3 resource speakers. Mme. Lopez, as our 1 st speaker, shared about the best of her profession: about the school library, how she works as a school librarian, how it looks like in a school library, etc. Aside from that, she also shared a very fun and engaging interactive online game and storytelling with the pupils.

4 kinder


      As for our 2nd speaker, Dr. Villariasa, who is a doctor and serves as one of the frontliners in protecting and helping people. She gave a meaningful virtual tour of the different works of a doctor. Also, she did not just share about her passion, love and dedication for her work, but also her, as a loving mother and wife.

5 kinder


      Lastly, as for our third speaker, Sister Crystal, she was truly admired by the pupils as to how she devotes her life to God and how much she loves serving the children, too. She lovingly shared her love and devotion to our Creator and her inspiration, St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

6 kinder


  Beautiful smiles pierced from ear to ear as they listened to the speakers’ stories and as they participated in the different fun games prepared for them. Some of the pupils could not even contain themselves and shared how they hope to become just like them and how they want to help people as well in the future. This simply shows that there is a boy or a girl looking up to our heroes in the community. At the end of the program, the pupils showed their appreciation to the speakers by showing the “Paper Hug Artwork’ (a heart-shaped figure) that they made by themselves and followed by virtual applause and thank you’s.

     Indeed, this virtual activity surely gave to our little learners an experience like no other. Our 3 amazing speakers have left remarkable inspirations that as a community it is our duty to help and take care of one another. To show love and build a harmonious community where young kids learn to create their own dreams, too. And lastly, to inspire and mold the next generations who are successful in their own profession and calling with love in the mission of God. No matter what we are, no matter what we do, no matter what we have, we find joy and love even in the most trying times, when we serve God through others and let them know and feel that there is someone who cares for them.