Pearl 37: “May those who are sick in their soul




...or in their body become well. The former are worse.”

Las enfermas de alma y cuerpo, que sanen. Las primeras son peores.”

Mother Foundress knew “sickness” very well, and for those sick in the souls, the introduction to Letter 39 says that she knew very well how painfully those persons can impair personal and communitarian fulfillment.

           Antonio Grau writes that being sick is serious. Of this matter, as of many others, Mother Candida knew very well from her own experience and life. More serious is being sick of the soul. The medicine is different and so is the treatment. In any case, what we can do is to choose how to bear these infirmities. In the case of both these sicknesses there is a way for efficacious remedy: recognize the sickness and look at the possibilities one has from one’s reality. And there is much to be done, much to pray for. And there are many people ready to help. And always there is God who helps, accompanies and heals. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       No one is fully well all the time, whether it is bodily health or not. What are the areas in my life (bodily, psychologically, spiritually) that need healing? Let us place it before the Lord and talk it over with Him.

·       All of us have at least some experience of being healed. Can you remember one? How was it for you? Bring the experience to mind and let us thank the Lord for it.

·       Who are others who are sick (in whatever aspect the sickness may be?) Let us present him/her to the Lord, whisper a prayer to Him for his/her healing.