Murky Waters

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index water      At the start of online classes, all everyone could see was muck-infused rippled water. It was blighted by the muck that has been contaminating its purity and rippled by the strong waves that have come their way.

       During the first grading period of the school year, in the eighth-grade Science class, the students learned that the muck had caused the diffraction of light; yet, it did not seem that simple.

       On the seventh of May 2021, the students had the last reflection session. An hour and twenty-minute encounter assigned on the Friday of every week may not seem much, but it served as the breath of fresh air that was so needed. Contrasting the normal class encounters that had felt like walking through mazes, with knowledge and questions in every corner, the reflection sessions felt like gazing at inspiring stars on a peaceful night. Our insightful and consoling Hijas teachers discussed each of these stars, which made these sessions a thousand times better. Waving goodbye to these sessions feels bittersweet, but as discussed in one of the said sessions, what must be remembered is that endings always have new beginnings.


1 water


     Looking back, these reflection sessions have changed everyone’s perspective on how to approach these new beginnings. First, they gave us an avenue to look for the different angles in all situations. In pursuit of these new angles, one can consult God in prayer and ask Him and His all-seeing eyes for guidance. Second, they explored taking action to overcome these situations with the aid of the new angles they see. With this, they are to be supported by God’s moving hands. Lastly, they discussed the failures that come when taking action and that they should never shake us. After all, these experiences always reveal God’s heart that we are called to embrace.

     Overall, the reflection sessions are learning experiences to remember, leaving insights and nuggets of wisdom that all can utilize in life. Slowly, all the muck and ripples from the water had gone because, through these reflection sessions, we learned that we ourselves are the key to clearing this water.

       Perhaps we can swipe through the water with our hands, but if that does not work, we can pull themselves out of the water and take time to build a filter, which is equivalent to taking a break from the obstacles, have conversations with God in prayer, and coming back more prepared than ever. This ending was bittersweet and valuable, and for that, we all sincerely thank you. May everyone's murky waters be cleared soon.