Pearl 38: “God is our Father and He will look after us.”

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 Peaarl 38B

Dios es nuestro Padre y mirara por nosotras.”

In Letter 40 there are a number of things Mother Foundress addresses: sickness, schools, examinations, boarders, fees, etc. But in the end, she knows the One who always takes care of her, the One who always takes care of us, will watch over us.

           Antonio Grau has this to say: Feeling and living knowing that I have God as my Father is fortunate. However, there are times in my life that I live as if this is not true, I live depending on other things and I forget my Father. .... But when one truly trusts, things turn out the way they have to, even though one sometimes doesn't understand them.

         One thing is certain: God will look after me. And God's gaze is none other than the gaze of a Father, the gaze of mercy, the gaze of the father of the prodigal son, the gaze of the mother whose son had died, the gaze of the one who invites you to follow him, the look that overcomes the barriers of the countries, the look that cares for everyone and loves everyone.

         God watches over us and cares. Now It is my turn. How do I look at God? It occurs to me that it cannot be otherwise than by looking at those around me. And I think that it should be a look of welcome, understanding, forgiveness, coherence, courage, freedom ... God is our Father and he looks after us too. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·         To be looked after.... what experience do you have of being looked after, and knowing it was the hand of God there in your life, taking care of you, and many times done through other people?

·         What has been your experience of God working through you, so that He could care for others?

·         After going back and remembering these experiences, what are your thoughts of a God who looks after us?