Pearl 39: “Blessed be the holy name of the Lord

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. . .He is worthy of being blessed in sickness as much as in health.”

Bendito sea el santo Nombre del Señor, pues tan digno de bendiciones es en la enfermedad como en el tiempo de salud.”

Mother Foundress blesses the Lord in times of sickness and in health. This saying is so apt, considering the pandemic that is all around us, and our long waiting for a vaccine to reach us.

           Antonio Grau has this to say: Maintaining calm and trust when sickness appears is difficult, but that is we find out if our faith is mature or is so fragile that any wind carries away and it disappears without a trace. There are many people, anonymous, quiet, who are able to understand this with their life experience. The firmness of a mother who, after losing her child, is capable of transmitting serenity and confidence...; the example of the serenity of my friend Rafael who, despite his illness, picks up the phone and thanks to you for the shared prayer and tells you about how great God is ... and talks about the future full of hope.

Blessed be God who takes care of us... who is simply there, always by our side, who is always ready to meet us and awaits our invitation.

Blessed be God who in times of illness appears as comfort and strength and who respects and understands that others do not understand him and continue to roll their eyes wide and keep looking in his narrow head for something...not knowing that the great and simple are right before our eyes. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·         It is difficult to be sick. How do we handle or bear our own sicknesses? What role do prayer and God’s presence have in it?

·         How do we handle the sicknesses of others – our loved ones, our co-workers? Where is God in our experience with the sick?

·         What thoughts do you have of God, sickness and health, the fragility of life, the inability to control it, and yet the graciousness of God that manifests itself time and again? What kind of eyes do we need to see?