Pearl 41: “Let us live a good life...

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 ...because as life is, so death will be.”

Vivamos bien, porque la muerte será según la vida.”

This precious gem of a phrase is found in Letter 43, written to Antonia Robles. In it, we know that Mother Foundress had been unwell, and yet she blessed God in her illness. Among other things, she talked of what life is here, compared to eternity, and called to mind that we have to live a good life. We die as we live. If we live a holy life, we will live a holy death.

          Antonio Grau feels that this is advice on how to live well. He says that Mother Candida encourages us to live well so that our life becomes a source that generates good work around us. He goes on to ask, “What is it to live well?” He talks of persons who are prophets of today, who stand up and defend life; of enjoying the little things in life; of erasing and breaking frontiers...of a good book that can help the youth; of being available for the Gospel, of being light to others....and he invites us to continue the definitions of living well. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·       For me, what is a life well lived?

·       How do I live this life with God?

 ·       What are the driving forces, the motivations behind the things I do, and the decisions I make?

·       Does what I do generate peace, harmony and encourage others to do good?