Pearl 42: “You are always present in my poor prayers.”

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 Pearl 42

Siempre lo tengo muy presente en mis pobres oraciones.”

This phrase is found in Letter 44, a letter addressed to her good Dominican friend, Fr. Joaquin Perez Pando, OP. In the first paragraph she was telling him that she had received his letters. Even if she was not able to answer him, it was not because she forgot him. On the contrary, “you are always present in my poor prayers,” she said.

         What a beautiful way to remember someone. Antonio Grau points to this- “Remembering friends, and acquaintances, having people that you love present in your heart. This sounds like Christmas,” he says. Mother Candida remembers Father Joaquin in prayer. She recognizes that her prayers are simple and poor, but she knows that the One to whom the prayers are directed can do anything and everything.

                Antonio continues, “To have others present in prayer is to acquire the vital commitment that others matter to me. At the end of the prayer to make my life be according to what I pray, because if not, what do I pray for? To have a person present in my prayer is to share a Father and therefore have him as a brother/sister, even if the person does not know about it. To have someone present in my prayer is to have him/her present in my life, even if the person is thousands of kilometers away…. I believe that distances are the things of God and He knows what to do with them.” (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·         Whom do I pray for? This will point to the persons I carry in my heart.

·         What do I pray for?

·         When I go down on my knees and pray especially in seemingly impossible situations, what feelings and deep emotions are evoked in me? Do I feel a certain kind of union with God and with the other, thus slowly bringing to life our brotherhood and sisterhood in Jesus?

·         Have I experienced praying for someone or something for a long time, and suddenly, a small “miracle” happens-a desperate situation suddenly has a solution, a person suddenly changes, I suddenly mellow and understand things better?