Pearl 43: “To try to learn as much as possible,...

pearl43 will be of good use later when one is teaching.”

Se esfuerce en aprender todo lo posible, que vendrá muy bien para luego enseñar.”

This phrase in Letter 45 was in reference to a young sister, who was getting ready to do teaching work. The letter talks of many things and concerns, as is typical of Mother Foundress.

         Antonio Grau writes about his own experience of coming to know Mother Foundress, the apostolates of the Hijas de Jesus, and becoming part of this huge family. He says, “I have discovered in this long journey that there are many ways to teach, that you can be a teacher in many ways, but I am left with what you (Mother Foundress) showed us through your letters, writings, and especially your life.”

            (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


·   We who have come to know the person of Mother Foundress, what did we learn from her about life, love, charity, and sacrifice?


·     How did you come to know her in a more intimate way?


·     What in her attitudes or characteristics have you imbibed, so that through them you also reach out and teach others?