Pearl 44: “Give a good example to all.”

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Pearl 44 

Dando buen ejemplo a todas.”

This phrase is found in the last part of Letter 46 addressed to Sr. Joaquina Gomez. In it she was reminding the sisters to be punctual, obey the rules, thus giving a good example to all. How do we translate this into the concrete in our particular context?

         Antonio Grau thought about this question too when he was writing his reflections. For him, it is simply to seek coherence and to trust, because even if we try hard, we can make mistakes... It is not giving up and opening our eyes and discovering that there are people willing to help. It is to respect the decisions that do not depend on me and to say what I think with gratitude, respect, and understanding.

(Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).

         He truly has given us some food for thought. How about us? What does "setting a good example" mean for us?


·         When and in what matters, no matter how small, have we served as an example and a witness to others?

·         Who has been a good example for us?

·         To what have I been invited so as to share and manifest the goodness of persons in this particularly difficult time of the pandemic?