Pearl 45: “I am very glad that the number of pupils is increasing.”


Mucho me alegro de que crezca el número de niñas.”

Amidst the complex negotiations for the foundation at Medina del Campo we find this phrase in Letter 47– “I am very glad that the number of pupils is increasing.”  This is one of Mother Foundress’ greatest joys – to see many children come to her schools.  It was not for the enrollment, certainly not for economic gain.  She had classes for the children of poor families.  But it was because, in her schools, she fervently hoped that the children would come to know Jesus and love Him with all their hearts.  The purpose was always evangelical, the spread of the Gospel.

          Antonio Grau has this to say: ‘To have the number of girls increase is to see the possibilities of helping the future by forming the women and men in the spirit of joy, solidarity and so many values that emerge from education with its own charism.

          To believe in people engaged on a mission, with its possibilities and miseries, is to believe that it is possible to continue with an ideal. And rejoicing in that growth is something that is contagious,.

(Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



·         We who work in, or are involved somehow in the field of education, what emphasis do we put on Christian education?  Rather than look for honors and prizes, how many would look at the good habits and virtues being formed as the most important in our educational endeavors?

·         What, for you, are the characteristic traits of education based on Mother Foundress’ spirit?  And when we say education, we mean education in all its spheres and aspects – schools, community development, the spiritual ministry such as retreats and recollections.

·         In what way do I import the spirit that I have assimilated from coming close to Mother Foundress so that the world, through my efforts, no matter how little, may be more filial, fraternal, humane and kind?