Pearl 46: “May God arrange everything.”

Pearl 46new 

Dios quiera arreglarlo bien.”

The introduction to Letter 48 says that Mother Foundress had to go to Segovia for some important matters but had to leave behind unresolved difficulties of the new foundation of Medina del Campo.  In one of the sentences in the letter she writes, “I am sorry about what you told me regarding the girls.”  May God arrange everything…”  We may not know the exact details but it should suffice for us to know that her hope and trust and prayer is to God, that He may arrange everything.

          Antonio Grau reflects: Mother Candida, like us, had difficult problems to solve and, as always, she would to God and express her desire. Just her wish. She doesn't tell him how to fix it, she doesn't show him the way to do so, she doesn't tell him the lottery number, she doesn't give him the solution. Just the wish.

           Now I think about my requests to God and I reflect on how I ask. I believe that God always solves my problems or requests, in the same way, that he always listens to my thanking him. But I also believe that he has his own resources, his instruments. Sometimes I have discovered it in a friend, in a person who tells me something and makes me see what was quite obscure, other times a normal email that sounds differently, other times in the events that appear in the press or television, and through a multitude of facts of everyday and normal life.

                God wants to fix everything, but he needs, as the song says, our hands, our feet, our hearts. He needs us to contribute the little that we are, to make available to him what we have for him to use. He needs us and we need him.

(Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



·    How are my petitions to the Lord?  How do I ask Him for help? With panic, stress, a voice that is demanding, or with trust and hopeful waiting?

·   What have been the instruments that He used to fix my problems for me?

·         How has He used me to help solve the problems of others?

·    When the time has not come for a difficulty to be solved, how Has  he sustained me?